Edgeworth Security - Emerald High School Integration Customer Story

Who do you trust to protect your students and secure your brand new, multi-million dollar high school? 

This is the question that district officials in California’s Dublin Unified School District faced during the construction and development of Emerald High School - Alameda County’s first new high school in 50 years. 

Located in Dublin, a bustling and rapidly growing city in the California Bay Area, Emerald High School was constructed to address substantial population growth in the city - to the tune of nearly 30,000 residents over the past decade. With this figure comes a corresponding spike in student enrollment, with enrollment figures jumping by over 4,000 students since 2014. 

With the growing number of new students, Dublin Unified proactively ensured that Emerald High would grow right alongside enrollment - staying true to their commitment to provide all students with an exceptional education and all the resources they need to thrive. When officials worked out the logistics of the facility - which boasts an expansive array of amenities - their next step was to determine how they would secure the facility, their staff, and their students. Following extensive provider vetting and careful consideration, Emerald High School Principal Francis Rojas and Senior Project Manager Eric Sih turned to Danny Haddad with Edgeworth in conjunction with district officials.

Setting the Stage for an Effective Integration

Government-affiliated organizations in California have the opportunity to take advantage of the California Multiple Award Schedules program - otherwise known as CMAS. This program gives organizations, including school districts like Dublin Unified, access to an extensive database of suppliers and contractors that offer technology, IT products, and related services at fair, reasonable, and competitive (often discounted) prices. Edgeworth is proud to be a CMAS provider, and remains committed to helping organizations get access to and utilize the technology they need to protect and secure what matters most.

Dublin Unified initiated the bidding process for the project - using CMAS to streamline the process, narrow the field, and source a reputable provider. Having completed several projects for Dublin Unified over the past seven years, including camera installation in the district’s office and access control at other schools, Edgeworth was confident that our range of security offerings and understanding of the district made us a competitive candidate for securing Emerald High. Ultimately, Dublin Unified felt the same.

By leveraging emerging and existing state of the art technologies alike, Emerald High is a testament to Dublin’s increasingly robust school system. District and school officials wanted to ensure that this excellence translated to every aspect of the school, including the technology (and the company) that secures it. Believing that Edgeworth’s relationship with premier equipment providers, namely Motorola and Avigilon, and commitment to providing comprehensive security training addressed their expectations and aspirations for Emerald High, Dublin Unified awarded Edgeworth the bid in November 2023, signifying the continuation of an already fruitful partnership. 

Moving Forward with Proactive Security Measures

Set to be fully completed in 2026 following the development of several additional facilities, including a pool, theater, and series of science labs, Emerald High covers a lot of ground and is situated just outside of a residential community - with some homes only yards away. An impressive investment in students, Emerald High is estimated to cost $374 million and sits on 23.5 acres of land. When construction is finished, the school will have capacity for 2,500 students - a worthwhile and meaningful undertaking that will make a substantial difference for both students and the community.

Intent on developing a comprehensive network of security cameras, yielding end to end coverage of the facility, Edgeworth and Dublin Unified worked collaboratively to create a security integration that could grow as the school does - while still accounting for any number of security threats and possible pain points, including the rapid development of the area outside of it. Following the initial integration, Edgeworth installed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of security equipment, including 56 cameras and several Avigilon-integrated access control systems.

Extensive collaboration between Edgeworth and school and district officials made the integration process seamless. Edgeworth’s integration team brought years of security system, industry, and integration expertise to the table, while school and district officials leveraged their knowledge and insight regarding Emerald High to make significant and strategic contributions. Together, Edgeworth and Dublin United executed the safest and most effective security integration possible, both aiming to defend students, deter unwanted or dangerous activity, and deliver real results. The project was completed promptly - by the end of April 2024 - and with plenty of time to spare before Emerald High’s first class of students in the 2024-2025 school year.

Continuous Involvement and Unmatched Care

To further secure their facility and proactively address equipment-related issues, Dublin Unified entrusted Edgeworth with servicing and maintaining all security equipment, which includes:

  • General maintenance
  • Upgrades when new, advanced equipment becomes available
  • Ensure cameras are kept clean to allow for unobstructed feedback
  • Maintain all access control system (including doors)
  • Continue to offer comprehensive training sessions to keep faculty and staff informed on the technology
  • Testing the systems and running health reports 

Looking to the future, Dublin Unified and Edgeworth will continue to work together to ensure that Emerald High’s security grows as the school and student body does, and plans to consider security enhancements and upgrades, such as:

  • Panic buttons
  • Universal lockdowns

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