Current circumstances are changing business-as-usual; we can help you find a new normal.

As you work diligently to manage your business’s response to COVID-19 it’s important to consider how this “new normal” might impact your security concerns. Edgeworth is here to help you proactively identify and solve these emerging threats.

Emerging Security Concerns during COVID-19

With teams moving more to remote work and companies making other necessary adjustments there are major security concerns to consider including how under or unoccupied buildings leave inventory, equipment and buildings at risk.

Businesses and properties closed

Businesses are cutting back business hours, moving to remote work where possible, allowing employees to self-quarantine and an overall increased focus on sanitation.

Limited resources

Resources and supply-chains are more strained then ever at the moment, but Edgeworth is prepared to help you keep on top of your security concerns.

Financial challenges

While revenue may be restricted as business adjustments are being made to help slow/stop the spread of COVID-19, there are ways that security can be enhanced while also keeping costs down. As your team members are moving to remote work, so too can you security transition to remote solutions. Edgeworth’s remote guard solutions allow for an increase in security effectiveness at significant cost-savings over physical guards. This is especially critical during times like these when physical security guards may be hard to come by.

Strained law enforcement

Every industry is taking cuts to reduce the risk of contamination, even law enforcement. With fewer police officers available, it could take longer for law enforcement to arrive at the scene of a break-in or other crime. Edgeworth’s video verification and close law enforcement relationships mean improved law enforcement responses for our clients.

Edgeworth is always looking for a way to help

We want to show up in any and every way possible, even outside of our services, especially in a challenging time like this. If you think there is anything we can do, planning we can assist with, or questions to answer – please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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You Practice Preparedness; Leverage Your Existing Equipment to Meet this Challenge

Through your existing cameras and security equipment, Edgeworth can remotely monitor your facility and ensure the effectiveness of your security equipment to help alleviate these new security concerns facing businesses during the COVID-19 emergency.

1 Your Existing Technology

We will remotely connect with your existing technology from our state of the art monitoring center where our highly trained agents will be able to remotely patrol your facility and ensure the effectiveness of your existing security equipment.

2 Our Monitoring Center Monitors Your Property

Whether you move forward with Rover Patrol Plus or Tech Check Plus, our highly trained agents are able to, in real-time, walk your site through your cameras to keep your facility secure. Our agents will be able to discern between normal and undesirable activity.

3 Intruder/Incident Detection Alerts

If during the course of a Rover Patrol Plus or a Tech Check Plus an intruder or other incident is discovered our agents will follow proper procedure to handle each threat accordingly. This live management brings incidents to the best possible conclusion. If needed our agents will quickly dispatch law enforcement to the scene.

4 Trained Security Agents

Edgeworth Security’s internal processes include ongoing and rigorous training for all security agents featuring lifelike security threat simulations and objective performance reviews to ensure agents are always providing the highest level of service.

5 Fast Law Enforcement

Our proven processes eliminate false alarms and our partnerships with law enforcement ensure our clients get the fastest possible response from local agencies during an incident. When necessary our agents will call your local law enforcement, dispatch them to your property and provide them with live updates. This close partnership with law enforcement during an incident drastically improves the likelihood the police with apprehend intruders.

6 Peace of Mind

With our Remote Guarding service, you can rest easy knowing that your security challenges are being managed whether you are home or away and that your property is secure.

Two Flexible Solutions

Rover PatrolPlus

Let us walk your site while you're unable to. With Rover Patrol Plus, we will conduct scheduled patrols of your property from provided camera systems which can be accessed remotely. Any events or changes that would raise a security concern are detected and reported in a timely manner. These remote site walks can be scheduled per day as often as you would like in order to feel comfortable in the absence of normal security practices.

How Rover PatrolPLUS Protects You

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    Protect your property while it's under-occupied/unoccupied
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    Remotely monitor property activity while you're away
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    Short-term, 30-day commitments with quick turnarounds

Tech CheckPlus

Let us help ensure your site security equipment is working as intended while you are forced to be away. With Tech Check Plus, our agents will conduct scheduled operational checks of your property's camera systems which can be accessed remotely by the Monitoring Center. This includes monitoring critical security assets, recording functionality, and validating site situational concerns. Tech Check Plus ensures security issues and technical issues are reported and able to be addressed.

How Tech CheckPLUS Protects You

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    Remotely monitor your property's security tech
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    Quickly identify security equipment concerns while off-site
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    Short-term, 30-day commitments with quick turnarounds

The Situation is Changing Every Day - We'll Help You Adapt Quickly

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Full Remote Assessment

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Operational Intelligence - For Cyber Solutions

Operational Intelligence

Keep Your Data Safe During Remote Work

In today’s ever changing dynamic of how we do business, it’s our job at Edgeworth Security to help our customers adapt and stay informed, regardless of world events. Our threat intelligence solution service leverages state of the art intelligence capabilities with our team’s cross-disciplined expertise in order to identify, collect and report on significant information of interest from online data sources around the world.

How Operational Intelligence Protects You

Remote Employee Vulnerability

Hackers are specifically targeting remote employees and how they are conducting their daily work. We monitor specific communities and data sources that can provide early warnings of such activity.

Data Loss and Leakage

Having to adapt to new business solutions, such as telecommuting, can often result in unforeseen risks such as information leakage or loss. Our process persistently scans the open source internet for company proprietary data and intellectual property risks.

Other Services by Edgeworth Security

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  • Canine Protection

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