Remote Guarding Solutions for Apartments, MDUs, and Multi-Family Residential Properties

Solve the Security Challenges facing your Property with Remote Guarding

Multi-family residential properties often experience loitering and trespassing issues that traditional security measures have long struggled to solve. When loitering and trespassing go unaddressed, they often escalate to become much more serious crimes like theft, vandalism, robbery and even assault or murder.

Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding catches intruders in the act and immediately alerts our highly trained agents to any unwanted activity on your property. From our secure US-based Monitoring Center, our agents address intruders directly through Voice Down live communication.

Edgeworth Security has successfully resolved ongoing loitering and trespassing incidents with Remote Guarding that previously plagued our multi-family clients. Edgeworth specializes in proactive security services, solving issues before they occur and giving the residents of the property confidence that they are safe at home.

Fully customize our technology to stop the recurring security challenges you face

We create bespoke, customized Remote Guarding integrations to solve your ongoing security challenges, directly tailored to your residential property’s entrances and/or possible criminal hotspots. Our Remote Guard clients have experienced 93+% deterrent rates to date.

Accuracy rate versus 5% accuracy rate for traditional alarms
Deterrent rate with Voice Down Live Communication
Apprehension rate for those that do not leave following Voice Down

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    Stop loitering and trespassing on property
  • Prevent property damage, vandalism, and break-ins
  • Keep tenants, employees, and vehicles safe in the parking areas
  • Stop mail theft and loss of valuable property and documents
  • Improve sense of security in tenants and decrease turnover
  • Decrease expensive traditional security costs
  • Advertisable premium amenity for potential tenants

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How put an end to crime on your property

1 Our Smart Technology

We find the best integration of our smart technology for your property. Our state of the art cameras, artificial intelligence and access control systems work together to protect against human error. They don’t blink, fall asleep, make mistakes and are able to provide simultaneous monitoring – something a physical guard can’t do.

If you currently have security cameras we can work with your existing network or the Edgeworth team can design a state of the art system for your property.

2 Digital Line Barriers

This is where we catch would-be intruders BEFORE they break in to your property. We define what activity at your property is normal through virtual guardrails and guidelines tailored to your schedule and property specifics. Coupled with our smart technology, our digital line barriers detect unusual/undesirable activity and trigger alerts when unwanted activity occurs.

3 Intruder/Incident Detection Alerts

When unusual/undesirable activity is detected your system immediately alerts our team of security agents who can see LIVE exactly what is happening at your property and take all necessary steps customized to the the circumstances. Our agents will actively manage incidents, applying the appropriate pressure based on the threat level and communicate with you directly where appropriate following your pre-determined communication preferences.

4 Possible Incident Detection Alerts

Trespasser/Loiterer –If a person or persons are trespassers or hanging around the property, our agents will be alerted to the unwanted activity immediately and Voice Down to make them leave the premises

Property Left Unsecured –If a door or gate has been left open, or other access control has not been set properly, our smart technology will detect it and our agents will let you know

Potential Break-in – If the alert is for a suspicious person breaking a digital barrier our security agents will be able to see exactly what they’re doing and respond appropriately and involve police immediately for serious threats

Vehicle Driving By – Our alerts can even detect vehicles coming and going by your property and look for suspicious patterns

5 Trained Security Agents

Using scripts customized to your preferences that are appropriate for different trespassing scenarios, security agents will call out to trespassers through speakers installed at your business. This live communication alerts intruders that a security agent is monitoring their actions and that, if necessary, law enforcement will be dispatched. By talking directly to intruders through voice down live communication most criminal activity can be PREVENTED.

6 Fast Law Enforcement Response

Our proven processes eliminate false alarms and our partnerships with law enforcement ensure our clients get the fastest possible response from local agencies during an incident. When necessary our agents will call your local law enforcement, dispatch them to your property and provide them with live updates. This close partnership with law enforcement during an incident drastically improves the likelihood the police with apprehend intruders.

7 24/7 Recording

Video footage is recorded 24/7 providing crucial evidence for prosecution in the case of an unavoidable incident of theft, vandalism or trespassing. Video recording is also helpful when evidence is needed for frivolous personal injury lawsuits.

UL 827B / UL 827 Registered Firm
Why Edgeworth?

Enterprise-Grade Provider

We provide Remote Guard to Fortune 1000 companies, Government agencies and schools as well as mid-sized businesses. No project is too big. We own our own Monitoring Center.


We tailor our Remote Guard system to your needs, your property, and can work with your existing equipment.


Client privacy and data security is paramount. Our personnel are thoroughly vetted and our monitoring center is highly secure. We can customize viewing permissions to suit different end users privacy needs.


We built and manage our own US-based Monitoring Center. All of our staff and operations are based fully in the US.

No Outsourcing

We do not outsource monitoring, we own and operate our own Monitoring Center, staffed with our own employees.

Superior Technology

We combine machine learning, advanced analytics and best-in-class smart camera, access control and other tech with highly trained, customer service-focused staff.

Built-in Redundancy/Uptime

Our solution includes redundant uninterruptible power supply and back-up generators and other redundancy- assuring features to maintain business continuity at all times.

Data Security

Our system fully encrypts site data streams in transit and at rest. We monitor and block any unauthorized attempts to access data.

Operational Ease

Our system is designed to increase reliability and reduce maintenance burdens on you and your team. Our offering is simple, modular and scalable. Our in-house IT team monitors network health and connectivity, so you don’t have to.


Though initially reticent about removing onsite guards, after seeing Remote Guarding in action, the CEO of the property management company is now thrilled by its effectiveness. The CEO says, “I am a total Remote Guarding convert.”

CEO of large California-based Property Management Company

Since our company moved our security network to Edgeworth, everything is over 80% better. Their staff is terrific and they notify us immediately if any strangers enter our apartment buildings. They conduct immediate "voice-down” in almost every case, the intruder runs out of the building immediately. Packages are rarely taken from the mailbox area and our tenants are thrilled with this level of care.

I could not be happier.

Thomas Gordon Chairman, DSL Construction

What Remote Guard Will Do For You

Stop Break-Ins & Theft

Stop Break-Ins & Theft

Stop Loitering & Trespassing

Stop Loitering & Trespassing

Stop Property Damage

Stop Property Damage

Keep Stuff & People Safe

Keep Stuff & People Safe

Replace or Enhance Existing Guards

Replace or Enhance Existing Guards

Proactively Alert You to Unusual Activity

Proactively Alert You to Unusual Activity

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