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Pay $500 Down towards $4,500 total cost

Your $500 deposit is applied towards the $4,500 cost of your customized commercial cannabis security plan. The remaining $4,000 balance is due after your initial consultation meeting.

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Meet and Exceed Your State's Requirements for License Application

Improve Success Rate of Being Issued Your Cannabis License

Save Time and Frustration by Having Our Experts Develop a Plan for You

We Make Security Plans for All Commercial Cannabis Businesses

  • Dispensaries

  • Labs

  • Distribution

  • Delivery

  • Grow Operations

Custom Commercial Cannabis Security Plan

Pay $500 Down towards $4,500 total cost

Pay $500 Deposit on Security Plan Now

Your custom security plan is written by one of our cannabis security plan experts, who together have produced 600+ security plans for commercial cannabis businesses across the United States. The cost of an Edgeworth cannabis security plan is $4,500. Once your $500 deposit is received we will schedule a meeting with you and our plan expert. The remaining $4,000 balance will be due after that meeting.

Your Custom Commercial Cannabis Security Plan includes:

  • Collaborative process between you and your plan author
  • A plan that you can take to any security provider to get competitive bids for security services
  • A plan tailored to your unique needs and local regulations and requirements
  • A $4,500 discount on Remote Guarding services from Edgeworth security. See FAQ for details

Why Edgeworth

600+ Cannabis Security Plans completed to date

No rejections, disqualifications or requests substantive edits by regulators to date

Actively monitoring and protecting commercial cannabis business across the country with state-of-the-art technology

What Your Security Plan Includes

A 40-120 Page Plan

Plan Summary

Premise Diagram

You can take your plan to any security provider you want to use to implement it. Use your plan to get competitive bids for security services.

Some of Our Security Plan Clients

Fake Client Logos for 'Client Privacy'

Fake Client Logos for 'Client Privacy'

Fake Client Logos for 'Client Privacy'

Fake Client Logos for 'Client Privacy'

Fake Client Logos for 'Client Privacy'

Navigating the commercial cannabis license application process can be overwhelming.

The requirements for your commerical cannabis license vary from state to state, and even city to city. Your security plan is a key part of your application. Don't leave it to chance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are security plans required for applying for a commercial cannabis license?
Yes, you will be required to provide a security plan that meets the requirements of the city and state you are applying for a license. These plans can be complicated to produce and having a professional draft your plan for you will help improve your chance of being issued your license.
What is the $500 deposit for?
The $500 is applied to the cost of the $4,500 custom cannabis security plan. You will owe an additional $4,500 before our security plan expert starts work on your plan.
Is the deposit refundable?
No, the $500 deposit is non-refundable.
What is the $4,500 discount on Remote Guarding services?
Edgeworth Security provides security services for commercial cannabis clients across the country. Should you choose to hire Edgeworth Security for your commercial cannabis businesses's security needs, we will apply the cost of your security plan purchase to your first year contract. Our security experts will explain in more detail how we help commercial cannabis business owners secure their people, profits, products and properties.
Do I have to use Edgeworth for security if I pay for an Edgeworth security plan?
No, you can take your security plan to any security provider you choose. We do hope you'll consider Edgeworth Security, but your finished security plan is yours to use with any security provider. The plan will help you get bids from those providers as well.