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Proactive Security
Solutions for Business

Edgeworth Security finds the right combination of smart technologies and processes to secure your people and property (including intellectual property). In addition to Remote Guarding’s event driven incident management, corporate clients can also take of advantage of Remote Patrol, Remote Escort Service and Remote Reception.

How It Works.

We combine our highly trained security agents, proven processes and smart technology to provide affordable and effective security solutions to our business clients.

  • Our Smart Technology

    We find the best integration of our smart technology for your property. Our state-of-the-art cameras, artificial intelligence and access control systems work together to protect against human error. They don’t blink, fall asleep, make mistakes and are able to provide simultaneous monitoring – something a physical guard simply can’t do.

  • Digital Line Barriers

    Coupled with our smart technology, our digital line barriers detect unusual/undesirable activity. We define what’s normal and what’s not through virtual guardrails and guidelines tailored to your business’s schedule and property specifics.

  • Intruder/Incident Detection Alerts

    When our systems detect unusual/undesirable activity, our team of live security agents are immediately alerted who then run the incident through our escalation processes.

  • Trained Security Agents

    Live 24/7 monitoring by our highly trained agents means that when something happens, it’s dealt with immediately.

  • Voice Down Live Communication

    Our security agents will call out the actions of intruders through 110+ decibel speakers, a proven deterrent. By communicating directly in the moment they can warn the intruders that a live agent is monitoring the incident, recording their actions, and that law enforcement is on the way.

  • Fast Law Enforcement Response

    Our proven processes eliminate false alarms and our partnerships with law enforcement ensure our clients get the fastest possible response from local agencies during an incident.

  • 24/7 Recording

    Video evidence is recorded 24/7 providing crucial evidence for prosecution as well as preventing false claims and deterring employee theft.

  • Peace
    of Mind.

    With our Remote Guarding service, you can rest easy knowing that your security challenges are being managed, allowing you to focus on running your business and free you from worry when you're not there.

How It Works.

  • Systemized patrolling of your property by our trained agents through our smart technology
  • Replaces physical guard duties – rather than having a physical guard walk your property our agents remotely “walk” the property at scheduled intervals. Remote patrol is more effective by covering more areas and removing human error
  • Cost savings – To achieve true 24/7 physical patrolling, several full-time guards are required and depending on the size of your facility the salaries can be very costly. Remote Patrol provides more effective security more economically

How It Works.

Employees that are working late can take advantage of our Remote Escort Service. Through our smart technology, trained agents provide staff members with a live escort, every step of the way. From their “eye in the sky” vantage point, our security agents are able to provide warnings to keep staff away from potentially dangerous situations.

  • Through smart technology our trained agents monitor your staff’s comings and goings from your property to their transportation
  • In the event of an incident our agents are able to quickly involve law enforcement

How It Works.

When your visitors arrive, our Remote Reception agents greet, grant access and monitor your guests, removing the need for an in-person receptionist.

  • Immediate greeting by trained agents through our smart technology as your guests arrive.
  • Check-in of your guests per your business requirements. Your check-in procedures are fully customizable. Our agents can check visitor IDs and grant access to waiting rooms, or even guide and grant access to different portions of your property.
  • Customer-service oriented – our agents act as an extension of your business’s customer service team. They are polite, professional and highly trained.
  • Multitasking – in the case of multiple visitors arriving at once, additional agents are able to come online and handle each of your guests simultaneously, eliminating wait time for your visitors.


Example Scenarios.


  • An afterhours intruder is detected in real-time breaching a digital line barrier on your property
  • An alert is sent to a live security agent who uses the voice down feature to broadcast to the intruder that they have been spotted. The agent describes the intruder, letting them know that they’ve been caught and informs them that law enforcement is on the way
  • The intruder leaves the scene before committing the intended theft or property damage
  • Quick law enforcement response time and video evidence allows police to locate and arrest the intruder for prosecution

Equipment Theft

  • You have valuable equipment and inventory to protect
  • Video monitoring and recording, coupled with access control systems that have been designed specifically for your facility, help secure your equipment and deter theft before it happens
  • If an unavoidable loss happens, the built-in smart analytics and video archives allow you to pinpoint the culprit

False Injury Claims

  • A criminal attempting to commit insurance fraud fakes a slip and fall injury on your property
  • Video surveillance proves the incident was staged
  • Litigation is stopped in its tracks and your business saves big on a costly settlement or legal battle

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