Nick DuChene

Vice President Protective Services

Nick DuChene

As the Director of Training and Compliance, Nick provides training for Edgeworth employees and ensures that they are in compliance with all State and Federal requirements, as well as Edgeworth’s internal standards. 

The success of Edgeworth Security begins with our team of well-qualified and competent professionals, and Nick DuChene is integral in making sure every one of our agents has what they need to be highly successful. With over 20 years of experience in the US Army and 10 acting as senior leadership in the private sector, he pulls from a deep well of leadership know-how and understanding to foster those skills in others. 

He leads the charge in developing Edgeworth’s industry leading training modules, incorporating the ever-evolving new industry practices with his prior decades military and security industry experience. He also has a hand in training the personal protector agents of our Executive Protection solution. Nick uses his diverse skill set to enhance every part of the training experience for our employees, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for both Edgeworth employees and our clients.

Career Highlights

  • Served more than 20 years in various senior leadership positions while in the US Army, obtaining the rank of First Sergeant
  • Has completed the Law Enforcement Handgun, Shotgun & Patrol Rifle Instructor training from the National Rifle Association and the Active Shooter Instructor Certification from ALICE
  • Has developed, implemented, and taught course criteria to Executive Protection agents as well as Clients of Fortune 500 companies, continuously evaluating and updating course content based on real-world events and personal experience to remain relevant and proficient in today’s security industry