Executive Protection

Edgeworth Security protects the safety and privacy of at-risk individuals through proactive and personalized close protection services. Our experienced and discrete security agents are highly trained to effectively manage the personal security of our executive protection clients.

Protection Client Benefits

1 Custom Security Experience

  • Our team provides a boutique, bespoke experience
  • Your security plan is tailored to your exact security needs and wants.
  • We deliver a personalized, white-glove service where we take care of as many fine details for you as possible
  • Enjoy a stable, long-lasting working relationship with professionals you can trust

2 Edgeworth's Curated and Vetted Personal Protectors

Edgeworth selects and vets Personal Protectors to ensure you experience a perfect lifestyle match 

  • Experienced military and law enforcement veterans
  • Highly trained and discrete
  • Selected specifically for you based on your particular situation, personality, and security needs

3 Flawlessly Executed

Edgeworth is highly cognizant of your time’s value, so we have developed a process that is: 

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Customized to you



We work with Exclusive clientele, like yourself, which allows us to offer a top-shelf, rarified level of service


We remain Engaged and alert to your needs at all times without being a disruption to your day-to-day life.


We are Experienced protecting people of prominence; we understand your unique security needs and expectations.

Residential Security

Your Home is Your Retreat, Let us Keep it Safe

Of all the places you spend time, your home is your private refuge, and our personal protectors will ensure you feel both safe and at home in your own residence

  • Unobtrusive protection
  • Keeping your home perimeter intact
  • Focus on privacy and discretion
  • Layer with additional residential security solutions for maximum impact:
    • Remote Guard
    • K9 Protectors
    • Saferooms
    • State of the art security system

Commercial Support

Executive Protection for Key Leaders

In your role as a key figure in your company, you make a lot of sacrifices, but your safety and peace of mind should never be in question. Our personal protectors have your back allowing you to continue driving the success of your company.

  • Fits with your professional and personal life
  • Protects you from the risks of being in the public eye
  • White glove service
  • Maximum discretion and privacy protection

Worldwide Travel Support

Traveling introduces unique vulnerabilities and unique safety concerns that require specialized training and knowledge to protect against. Edgeworth's personal protectors and Executive Protection team are skilled in keeping you safe as you travel the world

  • Travel logistics protection for every step of your travel
  • Securing vehicles and aircrafts and points of transfer
  • Understanding and proactively preparing for security concerns unique to travel destinations

Reputation Management

The value of your personal brand is incalculable. We protect against malicious actors looking to inflict damage on your reputation.

  • Secure all your communication devices
  • Obfuscate your assets, finances and P.I.I.
  • Active listening and management of online references and press

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Executive Protection Options

Full Term Protection
Full Term Protection

Full Term Protection

For those in positions of prominence, at-risk individuals, public figures, and CEOs/corporate executives our professional security agents provide close personal security customized to the principal’s individual needs.

Short Term Protection
Short Term Protection

Short Term Protection

For individuals that need temporary personal security we are able to provide close protection services tailored to a specific time frame – even for a single day

Residential Security
Residential Security

Residential Security

We have solutions that keep clients safe where they’re most vulnerable, the places where they spend the most time - their homes and places of work.

Travel Security/Secure Transportation
Travel Security/Secure Transportation

Travel Security/Secure Transportation

Wherever the client is traveling, anywhere in the world, even to a local event, we provide comprehensive security coverage customized to the itinerary and destination. We can handle every logistic detail down to luggage, provide secure escort to and from venues, and close protection.

Our Protection Experts

Nick DuChene

Nick DuChene

Vice President Protective Services

As the Director of Training and Compliance, Nick provides training for Edgeworth employees and ensures that they are in compliance with all State and Federal requirements, as well as Edgeworth’s internal standards.

The success of Edgeworth Security begins with our team of well-qualified and competent professionals, and Nick DuChene is integral in making sure every one of our agents has what they need to be highly successful. With over 20 years of experience in the US Army and 10 acting as senior leadership in the private sector, he pulls from a deep well of leadership know-how and understanding to foster those skills in others.

Executive Protection Articles

Activated Layers of Integrated Protection

We combine security solutions to build a comprehensive sphere of protection across your entire life:

  • A.I. Powered Remote Guarding
  • High-tech Security System Integration
  • Executive Protection
  • Open-Source Intelligence
  • Security Consulting
Edgeworth Security will combine the security solutions you need to craft a seamless end-to-end solution that works in harmony with your life. Together your custom, integrated security service will encircle you in a multi-layered sphere of protection, achieving the ultimate peace of mind.

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