Remote Guarding Prevents Break-In at Home of High Profile Celebrity

A high profile celebrity was looking for a proactive security solution that would provide more effective coverage and home protection. As a known public figure, the client’s residence is a regular target for trespassers, loiterers and burglars, and previous services had not been able to catch criminals in the act. Instead, they simply alerted to break-ins and set off alarms, but did nothing to actively prevent security threats.

To solve this problem, Edgeworth designed a security system and remote guarding solution specifically tailored to the challenges and threats of the property. The goal was to provide complete premises coverage and 24/7 live monitoring, backing up the traditional alarm systems that often provided false alarms or only reacted when it was too late.

During a home invasion attempt just weeks after subscribing to Edgeworth’s services, Remote Guarding detected unauthorized individuals coming down a backyard walkway, through our specifically designed digital line barriers. Live security agents immediately began managing the situation. Knowing the client was not home, our agents opted not to use Voice Down Live Communication to scare the intruders away, and instead quickly engaged law enforcement.

While Edgeworth’s high-definition cameras tracked the trespassers’ movements and recorded evidence of the incident, live security agents simultaneously kept the client and law enforcement informed of the intruders’ actions on the property. This strategy allowed the police to apprehend the would-be home invaders, and the Beverly Hills police confirmed afterwards that the arrest would not have been possible without Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding.

The client was thrilled with the outcome and relieved to have finally found an effective security solution that prevents property damage and theft.

We understand the trust being placed in our team to keep our clients and their families safe, which is why our internal processes include ongoing and rigorous training for all security agents featuring security threat simulations and objective performance reviews. Edgeworth is committed to ensuring our agents are always providing the highest level of service.

With our Remote Guarding service, our clients can rest easy knowing that their security challenges are being managed whether they are home or away and that their property is secure.