Mountain House Retail Plaza Integration Case Study

When a client wants to improve upon their already effective security features, Edgeworth knows exactly how to enhance a property that's already ahead of the game...

Mountain House Retail Plaza’s pre-existing commitment to public security by the center’s developers and management team earned the plaza a well-deserved reputation for safety. The management team wanted to further bolster the shopping center’s safety profile to ensure a continuous, proactive approach to security. To achieve this, they turned to Edgeworth Security for further security enhancements. Where a property that has obvious security holes to fill can actually be an easier challenge to tackle, a site that is already doing so many things right, can counterintuitively be a more challenging problem to solve. Thanks to Edgeworth's lengthy industry experience, established community connections and ethos of proactivity, our Integration team was able to "make the best even better".

How Edgeworth extended on the existing Effective Security Features

There were three main components to this project's requirements and goals that the client was looking to address with Edgeworth's assistance:

  1. Building on Existing Community Standards
    The community around the Plaza, Mountain House, utilizes a citywide technology-based crime prevention solution. The Plaza wanted to plug into the surrounding community’s established security solution to leverage existing community resources to better the security features of the retail center.
  2. Meeting a Specific Budget
    The client was working with a specific budget that they could not exceed.
  3. Exceeding Tenant Expectations
    Providing exceptional security protections for retail clients and their customers was a key focus for the Plaza in their efforts to further enhance tenant satisfaction with enhanced security features.

Extending the Plaza's Proactive Approach to Security

As a proactive measure against crime, the Plaza layered additional security features on to their already successful approach to shopping center safety. Edgeworth Security custom designed a bespoke security solution for the Plaza using state of the art technology that integrated with existing tech while also hitting budgetary goals. Their particular integration features a combination of existing and new security cameras, high-end analytics, speakers, license plate readers, and physical signs. The Plaza’s new security integration is now enhanced by a protective layer of smart technology that can identify crime before it happens.

Through a combination of visual and audio deterrents, criminals are further warned against trespassing or committing crime at Mountain House Retail Plaza. Would-be criminals know this shopping center is heavily guarded and not to be messed with in a way that is unobtrusive to shoppers and tenants. Extending their established safety record, The Plaza has experienced no serious crime events since the system launched while enjoying the peace of mind of an added layer of proactive protection.

Project Highlights:

Edgeworth created a systems integration plan that worked within the client's budget (value engineering) that made use of any existing systems and cameras. The design and installation process was handled with care and concern for the existing tenants of the retail plaza to ensure their needs were proactively addressed and their voices were heard ahead of the implementation of the new security enhancements.

  1. Remote Guard: Stopping Crime Before it Happens
    Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guard proactively identifies suspicious or unwanted activity and deters would-be criminals before they’re able to commit crimes. This approach perfectly dovetailed with the Plaza’s own security philosophy.
  2. Collaborating with Existing Systems
    Edgeworth created a seamless integration between the existing security equipment within the Plaza, the nearby city security equipment, and Edgeworth’s installation of new AI-enhanced security cameras and speakers at the Mountain House Retail Plaza.
  3. Value Engineering
    Through Edgeworth’s value engineering, we were able to use pre-existing technology and careful configuration to limit the cost of new equipment and meet the client’s budget without compromising outcomes.
  4. Providing Personalized Attention to Tenants
    Each tenant was given personalized attention by an Edgeworth expert who explained in depth how their new security solution increased the safety of their business and could also offer valuable business insights. This attention both educated and marketed to the tenants the new proactive value-add security features provided by the management team.

Why Edgeworth?

Edgeworth consistently delivers a white-glove, bespoke experience to our clients. Our security analysts will personally tour your site, after which they will craft a custom security solution that addresses your exact security concerns and requests. Connect with our custom security system integration team to design your project.