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Edgeworth offers Channel Partners an easy and profitable program for providing Remote Guarding services to your clients, without the burden of building out and staffing a Remote Guarding monitoring center yourself. You can provide your clients with the valuable monitoring services they’re looking for, while earning consistent recurring revenue each month. Channel Partners can dependly earn tens of thousands of additional profit each month by teaming up with Edgeworth.

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Companies that make great remote guard channel prospects



From daycares through colleges, educational campuses across the country are looking for professional monitoring services to guard against active shooters and other dangers on school grounds. We have customized monitoring solutions for schools, including panic buttons that you can offer to your existing and new school clientele.

Commercial reality

Commercial Realty

Your commercial realty clients will benefit immensely from Remote Guard services that protect against loitering, trespassing, property damage, homeless and theft. Trailer deployments are a great fit for many commercial realty clients. These remote guard services help keep patrons safe and enhance the reputation of protected properties.


High Networth Residential

For the high-end residential client, nothing is more comprehensive and protective than Edgeworth’s Residential Remote Guarding. Our team has extensive experience and expertise dealing with high networth residential clients and a proven track record of keeping those in the public eye safe.



Edgeworth currently protects national chains and local restaurants alike with a tailored restaurant Remote Guard offering. Panic buttons in particular solve common restaurant safety concerns. Restaurants are actively looking for monitoring services and by offering Remote Guard to your restaurant clients you’ll be able to meet and exceed their security needs in a cost-effective manner.


Multi-family & HOA

Mail theft, parking facility dangers and resident safety are all effectively addressed with Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding. Let our extensive experience in protecting apartments, townhomes, and other multifamily buildings provide an opportunity for you to improve the safety of your multi-family clients while reducing their liability concerns.



Crimes are on the rise in the logistics industry, with a 60% increase over the past year. Remote monitoring is an innovative solution for logistics clients to protect their inventory and distribution centers while saving money on security. Remote kiosks in particular are a monitoring offering that logistics clients are eager to add-on.


Commercial Cannabis

Most, if not all, commercial cannabis clients are legally required to use video monitoring services and Edgeworth’s remote guarding is the perfect solution for them to not just meet their license requirements but exceed them. Our team has extensive experience protecting legal cannabis businesses and know the unique and significant safety concerns your cannabis client face everyday.


And Many More

Any industry can benefit from Remote Guarding and Edgeworth has experience in countless applications. Let us work with you to tailor a monitoring solution to your existing clients, no matter the industry. Whether it’s construction, parking or something else, we can deploy remote guard to protect your clients.

How Remote Guard Works

Identifies threats before they escalate and proactively deters them through live agent Voice Downs.

Leverages machine learning to automatically adjust to changes in human activity.

Minimizes crimes of opportunity by proactively identifying maintenance needs and preventing vandalism and other property damage.

Communicates with on-site contacts as needed during any incident

Quickly deploys local authorities when needed

Reduces liability risk by identifying and limiting risky behavior

Provides additional value and peace of mind to employees, customers and visitors

Companies That Make Great Channel Partners

manned guarding companies

Manned Guarding Companies

Remote Guarding is the perfect complement to physical guarding companies, filling in the gaps where cost or man power are limiting. Add on remote guarding to your physical guarding clients to provide additional support for your onsite guards, cover overnight shifts or alleviate staffing shortages, all while improving client satisfaction and increasing revenue.

security systems integrations

Security System Integrations

Turn your installation project clients into long-term monthly revenue accounts by adding Remote Guarding to your client offerings. Take your security system projects to the next level by providing your client with a proactive security service that works with your integrations.

manufacturer of cameras and equipment

Camera and Equipment Manufacturers

We work with security equipment manufacturers to provide monitoring services for their equipment clients, allowing manufacturers to strengthen relationships, client satisfaction, and brand reputation all while earning additional monthly revenue on monitoring services.

Analytic Remote Guarding

Security Consultants & Risk Managers

Remote Guarding is a solution security consultants and risk managers can offer to their clients that will not just elevate their security stance but likely save them significant money over traditional security offerings. Security consultants make excellent Channel Partners for Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding referral program.

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Earn Commission
Earn Commission

Earn Commission

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Earn Commission
Earn Commission

Earn Commission

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