How Can Multi-Family Properties Guard Against Trespassing, Vandalizing, and Thefts?

Multi-family residential properties, especially apartment buildings, often experience security concerns that traditional security measures have long struggled to solve. Whatever their particular security challenges may be, recurring incidents highlight an urgent need for reassessing their current security stance and finding a new security solution that can, once and for all, put an end to unwanted incidents.

When you have Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guarding securing your multifamily residential property, you can rest assured that you have the best in the security industry guarding your property, employees, and residents. Our clients trust us to safeguard their properties from all kinds of crime, making their multifamily residential property safer and more likely to both attract and retain residents.

Glowing Praise from Multifamily Remote Guard Client

“Since our company moved our security network to Edgeworth, everything is over 80% better. Their staff is terrific and they notify us immediately if any strangers enter our apartment buildings.

They conduct immediate “voice-downs,” and in almost every case, the intruder runs out of the building immediately.

Packages are rarely taken from the mailbox area and our tenants are thrilled with this level of care.

I could not be happier.”

-Thomas Gordon, Chairman, DSL Construction

Powered by smart technology, Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding provides security that never sleeps, continuously learns from new data, eliminates human error, and connects to our state of the art command center for 24/7 proactive protection. In our UL827b certified monitoring center, our highly trained agents actively monitor every inch of a client’s property simultaneously, something that is just not possible with traditional security methods.

With Remote Guarding, stolen packages, vandalism, and trespassing in pools and other amenities are stopped in their tracks. Our clients love our model of PROACTIVE security because they see real results immediately after installation.


See For Yourself: Remote Guarding in Action

Here are two incidents from two different multi-family residential clients where Remote Guarding prevented a crime from occurring:

In the video clip above, two masked trespassers walk onto the property and head directly towards the resident mailbox area. Upon attempting to gain access, a Voice Down was issued, sending the intruders fleeing.

In this clip, a pair of joyriders ride their motorcycles around a multifamily residential parking lot in the middle of the night, disturbing the peace and being general nuisances. Upon being alerted to the unwanted visitors, an Edgeworth Monitoring Agent issued a Voice Down command to leave the property or face legal consequences. In most cases, only one Voice Down is needed to get the intruders to vacate the property, but these trespassers required repeated Voice Downs. Only once informed law enforcement had been contacted and were on their way did they leave.

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Remote Guarding stops crimes BEFORE they’re committed, giving our clients, their residents, and their employees peace of mind. Contact an Edgeworth expert to find out how your multifamily residential property can benefit from the superior protection of Remote Guarding.