How Can Edgeworth Prevent Serious Crimes in the Commercial Cannabis Industry?

The commercial cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth in the last decade, but have the security solutions that keep the people and property safe within that industry grown alongside it? Edgeworth Security’s comprehensive state of the art security solution, Remote Guarding, can be the answer to the unique needs of both grow operations and dispensaries.

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Calipsa Interviews Edgeworth about Optimizing Cannabis Security

With the legal cannabis industry on the rise, the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of legal facilities has risen with it. Calipsa recently featured Edgeworth’s Direct Sales Manager Brian Bucholtz on how Edgeworth Security prevents crimes for commercial cannabis clients.

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An All-in-One Solution for Meeting Your State’s Strict Cannabis Security Regulations

Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guard Solutions helps grow operations and dispensaries meet and exceed their state’s requirements.

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