Introducing Edgeworth’s New Commercial Cannabis Security Plan Offering

Edgeworth Security provides Remote Guarding to commercial cannabis businesses across the country, from grow operations to dispensaries. In serving this industry, Edgeworth has worked with both established clients looking to further harden their locations with cutting edge technology, like our Remote Guarding solution, as well as those that are just starting the process of applying for their first commercial cannabis license.

When applying for a commercial cannabis license, security plans that meet strict criteria must be crafted and included as part of the license application. If your security plan fails to meet these strict requirements, the application is either completely denied or sent back for revision, potentially delaying or preventing the launch of the cannabis venture entirely. The best way to ensure your cannabis security plan meets these strict requirements is to work together with an expert cannabis plan drafter. In order to set new commercial clients up for success with their license application, Edgeworth is now offering professional cannabis security plans, available to clients looking to start a commercial cannabis business in the United States.

If you are still in the process of applying for your legal cannabis license, consider partnering with Edgeworth so we can craft a professional cannabis security plan customized to your locality’s unique requirements. To get started visit

Commercial Cannabis Security Plans are Required for Licensing

Before a commercial cannabis business can open their doors, they must go through a lengthy and complicated process of being certified by their state to grow, distribute, or sell legal cannabis products. Included in this application for state certification must be a detailed and comprehensive security plan outlining the planned security operating procedures for the business.

Security plans require multiple components; which documents you’ll need to include will depend on your local and state requirements. A non-exhaustive list of commonly required documents required in your application are site floor plans, security camera mapping, surveillance recording procedures, and security feature product lists.

Many states have further limitations on the total number of commercial cannabis businesses that can be open at one time within the state. States also may have certain time periods in the year where they take license applications. If that deadline passes without the business being approved for their commercial cannabis license, this could mean that the business has to wait another year or miss their chance entirely due to cap restrictions.

While potentially difficult to achieve without professional assistance, it is vital to have your security plan approved the first time you apply for a cannabis license; Edgeworth can help you accomplish this.

The “Edgeworth Edge” of our Commercial Cannabis Security Plans

Besides constantly investing and advancing in our security technologies and techniques, Edgeworth also has many years of experience in protecting the commercial cannabis industry in particular. Our experts access all of our previously gained knowledge of both cannabis security needs and the strict cannabis security regulations to write your plan. This includes targeting the unique security concerns of the type of commercial cannabis business you are proposing, whether it be distribution centers, cannabis testing labs, delivery operations, legal dispensaries, or commercial grow operations.

Your security plan will need to meet the requirements of both the city and state you are applying for a license in. Our cannabis security experts can navigate the complex combination of local and state regulations for you, ensuring that your security plan meets all the requirements for both.

Having a professional and exhaustive security plan in your application improves the success rate of approval, saving you time, money, and frustration. To date, our experts have crafted over 600 cannabis security plans with no rejections, disqualifications, or requests for substantive edits by regulators.

Who Can Also Implement your Security Plan

Once your business is approved, licensed, and operational, you can take your plan to any security provider for implementation. You can even use your plan to get competitive bids for security services.

If you choose to hire Edgeworth Security as your security provider, using our Remote Guarding as part of your security plan, we will credit the cost of your cannabis security plan back to you with a signed annual contract. Not only will you benefit from Edgeworth’s superior protection, you’ll also be able to invest that money back into your business.

Let our team of experts, highly experienced in securing the commercial cannabis business, handle crafting your security plan, so you can focus on other aspects of starting a business.

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