When determining a course of action or making a business decision, having the most amount of information possible can mean the difference between a successful endeavor or a loss. The vast amounts of data available online can be immensely helpful in making the right choices, but only if decision makers can access it.

Edgeworth Security’s Open-Source Intelligence Division has 20 years of intelligence experience providing access to that information to our clients. By using intelligence collection tools to continuously accumulate data from all sides of the internet, on any topic our clients request, our Intelligence agents can then process the raw data into easily understandable intelligence reports for our clients. These reports offer all of the information necessary to help our clients make the best decision possible.

Edgeworth Security can even protect venues during large scale events. By combing through various online and dark web sources, our Intelligence Division identifies, investigates, and reports any potential threats or disruptions before they occur. The Intelligence Division can also be mobilized during live events to monitor venues in real-time and provide after-event reports recommending future safety measures.

To learn more about how our Intelligence Division can protect you and your business, click here for our Intelligence solutions page or call 703-939-5804 to speak directly with an Intelligence agent.