How Remote Guarding Saved Public Figure Nearly $2 Million in Annual Residential Security Costs

A Fortune 500 investor and film producer with large residential properties in the U.S. and abroad was seeking a security solution that would provide more effective coverage while reducing the number of physical guards needed on-site at his three personal properties.

Edgeworth designed and installed a comprehensive, state-of-the-art security system tailored to the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of each of the client’s properties. The system included the installation of over 100 high-definition, high frame rate cameras and all supporting infrastructure (cabling, trenching, access control, audio voice-down capabilities, etc.), the setup of digital line barriers, facial recognition, and active license plate checking.

In addition to the 24/7 Remote Guarding that is administered from Edgeworth’s brand new, state-of-the-art Command and Control Center in Pittsburgh, the security system integration also includes an on-property Command and Control Guard Booth that syncs seamlessly with Edgeworth’s remote systems.

As a known public figure, loiterers frequently appear at the client’s properties, and Remote Guarding has effectively managed these instances, utilizing measures (including Voice Down Live Communication) to deter numerous loiterers, keeping their erratic behavior from escalating to a serious threat.

By replacing three full-time guards with more effective Remote Guarding, Edgeworth has not only improved overall security effectiveness and efficiency across each property, but also saved the client $1.7m in annual security costs.

Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding solutions for high-end residential properties help reduce security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective methods with smart technology, innovative processes and highly trained agents. This holistic approach not only improves security efficiency and impact, but reduces false alarms, prevents crime before it happens, and helps manage the unavoidable, providing our clients with true peace of mind.