Remote Guarding Stops Trespasser at the Home of High-Profile Public Figure

A well-known actor was searching for a proactive security solution to effectively protect their home from potential break-ins and help discourage loiterers and trespassers. After conducting a thorough assessment of their property, Edgeworth created a custom security solution that included high-definition cameras, digital line barriers, access control systems and 24/7 live monitoring by our highly skilled agents. Our solution was tailored specifically to address several security challenges unique to their home, business and lifestyle.

When a disturbed individual tried to gain access to the property, our smart technology sent a digital alert to our security agents, who monitored the situation live from our state of the art Command and Control center in Pittsburgh. After assessing the potential threat, an agent deployed Voice Down Live Communication to engage the intruder, instructing them to leave the premises. When the trespasser refused to respond, the agent contacted local law enforcement. The police arrived on the scene quickly and took the trespasser into custody without further incident.

The client also has frequent loiterers who show up at the front gate, often just to take photos of themselves in front of the property, and then leave. Our Remote Guarding captures footage of every individual and alerts our highly trained agents to their presence and activity. Our agents determine the threat level of each incident in real-time and use voice-down communication when necessary to inform overzealous fans and trespassers that their actions are being monitored and recorded. This proactive approach acts as a powerful deterrent, helping prevent and manage incidents before they escalate into more serious threats.

Unlike traditional security systems, our holistic approach to security leverages specialized agents, proven processes and state of the art technology to prevent crime before it happens, eliminating the need for on-site guards, and allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions. In many situations, remote guarding is only part of the full system of support, which includes consulting service, cyber security, and executive protection.

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