Pete Naschak

Strategic Advisor

Pete Naschak

Pete Naschak is the Director of Business Development and Strategy for Edgeworth Security. With over 28 years of demonstrated leadership experience in various corporate, diplomatic, military, and non-profit environments, he applies specific learnings and tactics to enhance the overall strategy and execution of the Edgeworth Security mission.

He is also an experienced human performance specialist, focusing on aspects of individual and team success. Pete is a Founder and Principal of Senaptec, which provides state-of-the-art technologies, products, and programs designed to analyze and improve vision and sensorimotor skills. He is also the founder of Performance Activation, a consulting company, which provides elite athletes, U.S. Olympic committee, and top-tier corporations unique experiences, strategies, and capabilities that enhance their operational success.

Pete retired from the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams after a 21-year career, serving his final tour as the Command Master Chief for SEAL Team 5. In that role, he managed a cross-functional team of up to 500 personnel in high performance, high demand and austere environments worldwide. After retirement, he earned a Master’s of Science in Global Leadership, a qualification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a certificate in Global Business Management and Strategy.

He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Lone Survivor Foundation, which supports injured military personnel (and their families) suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury and serious combat injury by providing exceptional therapeutic support, along with health and wellness activities, to inspire camaraderie and optimize recovery and healing.

Career Highlights

  • Founder and Principal of Senaptec LLC and Performance Activation, Inc.
  • Honorary Board Director and former President of the Board for the Lone Survivor Foundation
  • 21-year career in U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, where he held various operational and leadership positions, lived overseas, and participated in military contingency operations throughout the world
  • U.S. Navy Foreign Exchange Representative, serving as the ambassadorial representative integrated into Australia’s Special Forces