What are the Top Security Trends to Watch Out For in 2022?

Proactive security means staying ahead of the curve by identifying new threat vectors and then creating solutions that neutralize those potential threats in advance. Anticipating the development of future risks is critical to the success of any security program.

Proactivity is at the core of our modus operandi here at Edgeworth Security. Along with developing and investing in new techniques and technologies, our team is also constantly researching and analyzing upcoming trends in security to foresee possible changes. Here are 5 security trends to watch out for in 2022 and how Edgeworth addresses them.

​Expanded Customization Options

Consumers have a nearly unlimited market to choose from when it comes to security companies, and as such it can be difficult to find a qualified and reliable company. One of the best ways to narrow this search is to look for a company that both produces results and offers more than one-size-fits-all solutions. The development of new technologies and processes - like artificial intelligence and machine learning - has expanded the options for customizations available to security clients. These broadened options create more opportunities for security companies to tailor their systems to a client’s individual needs. Customization also enables customers to pay only for the services they need, and none of the services that they don’t. Besides being an industry-leading and award-winning company that has prevented hundreds of crimes, Edgeworth specializes in crafting bespoke security integrations. With Remote Guarding, clients enjoy the convenience of a flexible, individualized security solution that will address the exact needs of their unique property, location, and situation. Clients can combine Remote Guarding’s many different components to build their completely customized deployment, combining many different functions in one easily managed security solution.

​Rise of Data Security Concerns

With physical security devices becoming increasingly connected to online systems, there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to hack into those data streams if they are not properly protected. Poorly secured data streams and data storage devices pose a security risk to both the property in question and any visitors to the site, so choosing a security provider that has the right protections against criminal intrusion is of vital importance. Edgeworth meets and exceeds all industry protection standards, and is both certified as a UL827b Monitoring Center and an active member of the Monitoring Association. Our clients know that they can rely on us to keep their data and privacy safe.

​Decreased Reliance on Physical Guards

As labor shortages and the simultaneous rise in labor costs continue to be a challenge for many different industries, it can be hard to find enough qualified security personnel to properly guard sites at a reasonable price. These labor and cost challenges, combined with the at-times unreliable nature of human guards, has shifted security trends more towards remote monitoring systems. Remote monitoring systems allow live agents to surveil entire properties at once from a secure, remote location. Agents are able to access all of the information and video collected by the monitoring system from that location. At Edgeworth, our agents go through continuous training and education to ensure that our clients are protected by the most up-to-date techniques in the security industry. Along with their ever-evolving knowledge, and continuous training, our agents are also able to access the analytics and information collected by Remote Guarding’s built-in artificial intelligence, machine learning, high grade analytics, and cyber data tools. Our clients can use Remote Guarding to enhance their current security personnel, and some clients have even entirely replaced physical guards with Remote Guarding. Not only are clients able to reliably guard their properties regardless of labor availability or cost, Remote Guarding often ends up cutting their security expenses by 40-60% a year.

​Refinement of Automated Access Control

Automated access control systems, like those with badge readers, have been available for many years, with lukewarm effectiveness. New technology advancements have breathed new life into access control. Automated access control systems can now more reliably use facial recognition to test against a database of known authorized personnel, and alert if an unauthorized person attempts to access the property, is in need of help, or is a guest who needs to be granted access. Automated systems are also often more secure than human guards alone, since they only allow entry to authorized personnel, can’t be fooled by stolen or borrowed badges, and deter piggybacking attempts by recognizing when more than one person enters at the same time. With these improved access control systems, it’s possible to either enhance or completely replace in-person human receptionists or gate guards. By integrating Remote Guarding’s access control component, Help Assist, the human element isn’t lost, however; remote receptionists and gate guards can still provide the same human touch to visitors. Visitors benefit from the highest level of customer service available from our remote agents, and property owners benefit from improved security as our highly trained agents leverage the best in both human and machine intelligence. Help Assist allows clients to choose from a variety of different access control systems, including known/unknown facial recognition and remote access control monitoring options.

​Additional Business Intelligence Benefits

A byproduct of introducing a security system integrated with advanced AI technology to a property is the collection of several types of data; this data can then be analyzed to help business managers make better business decisions. Security systems augmented with business intelligence technology can provide property owners with clear and actionable data that reveals many previously unavailable aspects of visitor behavior. While the core functionality of Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding solution is to protect a client’s people and property, clients also have the option to harness its business intelligence capabilities, choosing from features like people counting, dwell time, and many more. Analyzing this data can inform property managers on anything from what days and times businesses see the most traffic, what areas customers are most likely to linger on, and how long people tend to stay on their property.

Edgeworth is always improving and seeking to offer the best in security to our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our industry leading company, click here for our About Page or call an Edgeworth specialist today at 412-334-1961.