Safeguard your Students,

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The open nature of academic campuses creates unique security challenges. Edgeworth has the experience and expertise to provide colleges, high schools and grade schools with the proper security system installations and support to protect students, staff and visitors.

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Systems Integration for Schools & Campuses

School security is a complex and constantly evolving landscape for both K-12 and college campuses. As a leading expert and integrator in the security industry, Edgeworth Security is helping school administrators meet today’s emergencies head-on by installing proactive, state of the art school security systems, including Remote Guarding, that leverage high-definition cameras, digital line barriers, access control solutions and other technologies to protect students, faculty and property.

Key Components of Campus Security Systems Integration

Entire System Integration

Edgeworth can design and install a tailored system that either works with your existing infrastructure or build a completely new system. We offer comprehensive state-of-the-art technology from servers and software to cameras and access control systems with built-in artificial intelligence and military grade analytics.

Access Control/Card Access

We design and implement access control systems that include proximity card readers, biometric identification and system integration between access control, CCTV and intrusion systems using industry leading brands like Avigilon, Doorking, Honeywell, Quintron and many more.

Video Surveillance

Our high-definition surveillance solutions give you unparalleled image detail. We specialize in the design and implementation of IP Camera Systems and are certified by many manufacturers including Avigilon, Panasonic, Sony and Pelco.

Emergency Blue Phones & Call Stations

We design and install emergency systems that provide instant access to law enforcement or rescue services in the case of an emergency. Depending on your specific needs, emergency stations and call boxes can be set up with voice down live communication, surveillance cameras or additional assistance devices like AEDs to ensure the safety of your staff, students and visitors.

Security Gates

The open nature of school campuses make them a prime target for access abuse. Security gates provide controlled access to parking areas, buildings, arenas, stadiums, hallways and even classrooms to help ensure visitors are vetted and qualified prior to gaining entry.

Intrusion Systems / Burglar Alarms

We install and tailor intrusion systems to accept alarms or events from other systems and devices including motion detectors, surveillance cameras and access controls.

Intercom Systems

We install and integrate intercom and public address systems with alarm, video surveillance and access control systems. These integrated systems can be tailored for a variety of applications including campus-wide announcements, emergency notifications, classroom communications including paging and monitoring, entrance screening and bell systems depending on the specific needs of the school.

Panic Buttons

Edgeworth can supply specially designed panic button systems that will activate live-view crisis control from our U.S. based, state of the art monitoring center. By connecting our Monitoring Center to the school’s camera system, we can monitor system health daily, and when a panic button is pushed, react to an emergency situation immediately, providing first responders, staff and students the critical information they need to manage the incident.

Timed Locks

Electromechanical locks enable faculty, staff and campus security to manage access to buildings, dorms and other sensitive areas without having to physically be at the door. These locks can be scheduled to activate after hours to prevent vandalism and theft, limit access based on unique parameters or enacted during an emergency to protect students and staff.

Remote Guarding for Schools & Campuses

  • Proactive
  • Removes human error
  • Complete campus coverage
  • Helps reduce frivolous lawsuits

How It Works.

We combine our highly trained security agents, proven processes and smart technology to provide affordable security solutions to campus properties to effectively protect students, staff and visitors.


We find the best integration of our smart technology for each education security project. Our state-of-the-art cameras, artificial intelligence and access control systems work together to protect against human error. They don’t blink, fall asleep or make mistakes and provide simultaneous monitoring – something a physical guard can’t do.


Coupled with our smart technology, our digital line barriers detect unusual/undesirable activity. We define what’s normal and what’s not through virtual guardrails and guidelines tailored to schedules, property specifics and access points/criteria.


Integrated proximity card readers, biometric identification and other access control systems limit and monitor access throughout your campus facility.


When our systems detect unusual/undesirable activity, our live security agents are immediately alerted who then run the incident through our escalation processes and work with your onsite staff and security personnel.


Live 24/7 monitoring by our highly trained agents means that when something happens, it’s dealt with immediately.


Our security agents will call out the actions of intruders through 110+ decibel speakers, a proven deterrent. By communicating directly in the moment, they can warn intruders that a live agent is monitoring the incident, recording their actions and that law enforcement is on the way.


Our proven processes eliminate false alarms, and our partnership with law enforcement ensures the fastest possible response from local agencies during an incident. For education clients where law enforcement are always on site, we provide added support to capture a crime in the moment, helping law enforcement get where they need to be sooner.


Video evidence is recorded 24/7 providing crucial evidence for prosecution in the case of an unavoidable incident of criminal activity, theft or vandalism.


Peace of Mind.

Education clients can rest easier knowing that they have an experienced and effective security partner on their side protecting students, staff and visitors as well as campus property.

Benefits of Remote Guarding

Proactive Security

With security incidents on school grounds on the rise, traditional security and alarm industry solutions are not effective enough to keep these threats at bay. Campuses need an innovative security solution that is proactive, comprehensive and can help protect against human negligence and error. Our proactive approach ensures that potential threats are prevented where possible and effectively managed where unpreventable.

Much More Effective Security

Our smart systems are constantly learning through artificial intelligence and built-in machine learning to provide the highest possible security and protect against human error. Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding solutions not only improve security effectiveness and impact, but reduce false alarms, and unlike traditional security systems help prevent crimes before they happen.

Complete Premises Coverage

Our state of the art cameras, artificial intelligence, digital line barriers and access control systems work together to provide comprehensive coverage of campuses, both inside and out. We blanket the school in a network of virtual guardrails and guidelines tailored to its unique schedule and campus specifics to create a roadmap of normal activity, providing simultaneous, 24/7 monitoring – something a physical guard can’t do.

Fast Law Enforcement Response

Working directly with local law enforcement and police we create partnerships that directly support crime scene first responders to ensure the fastest possible response from law enforcement. Edgeworth’s trained security agents monitor incidents in real-time, providing law enforcement and first responders with the critical information they need to bring incidents to a faster conclusion.

Replace or Enhance Traditional Security Guards

Our Remote Guarding solutions leverage high-definition cameras, artificial intelligence, digital line barriers and access control systems to reduce human error and false alarms. Remote Guarding can augment the performance of on-site guarding or reduce/eliminate the need for physical guards.

Significant Cost Savings

Edgeworth Security innovatively combines people, processes and technology to actively secure people and properties. High-definition smart technology and highly trained agents significantly reduce traditional security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective security methods, allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions. Most clients save 40% with Remote Guarding over traditional guarding solutions.

No False Alarms

Our state of the art technology and artificial intelligence coupled with the 24/7 live monitoring from our security agent works together to verify all incidents, preventing unnecessary disruptions and expenses from false alarms.

Security Liability Protections & Protection Against Frivolous Lawsuits

Easy-to-use video systems that record 24/7 prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce guesswork and increase evidence against false employee or worker compensation claims.

Case Studies & Articles

Edgeworth was brought on to create a more effective security system that leveraged existing infrastructure along with new technology and equipment to enhance campus security while strictly adhering to all prescribed requirements and timeline.


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Our Experience

Edgeworth Security combines experienced security professionals with tested, proven processes and state of the art technology, to provide clients with more effective and more cost-efficient solutions. Founded in 1995, VS Security Systems, Inc., now Edgeworth Integration, is a leading expert and integrator in the security industry with extensive experience designing and building custom security systems for schools like California State University, Los Angeles Trade-Tech College and San Diego State University. Backed by this 20+ years of experience designing and implementing award-winning security systems, Edgeworth is incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning and robust analytics to provide proactive and revolutionary security solutions.

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