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A national restaurant chain experienced continuing security issues that most frequently occurred at night, putting both customers and employees at risk. From intoxicated patrons and belligerent trespassers to even an agitated customer brandishing a gun at another customer inside the restaurant’s lobby, security issues were going unresolved. Decision makers knew that steps would need to be taken to enhance security measures at hundreds of their restaurant locations and offer employees a way to easily address emergency situations.

For this reason, Edgeworth’s Remote Guard solution was brought online, offering a security pathway that could be tailored to each individual restaurant and its unique concerns. 


How Remote Guard solves security concerns:

  • Blankets a property from floor to ceiling, resulting in uncompromisable security coverage.
  • Boasts unmatched efficiency that physical guarding can’t compete with.
  • Uses state of the art smart technology to improve security outcomes.
  • Can help you save 40%+ over traditional security measures.
  • Works to deter crime, including employee theft.

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Panic Assist

Panic Assist

Panic alerts are made by employees either by phone or by pressing a panic button - which are installed in locations that are both discreet and easily accessible to employees.

Roving Patrol

Roving Patrol

Highly trained agents remotely "walk" the property at scheduled intervals - covering all areas through the smart camera, which eliminates human error.

Analytic Remote Guarding

Analytic Remote Guarding

State of the art smart cameras capture activity and digitally alert agents immediately, eliminating lengthy response times and significantly reducing the possibility of physical harm or property damage. Agents perform Voice Downs through on-site speakers which deter nearly all unwanted activity. In the rare instance Voice Downs are not heeded, law enforcement is quickly dispatched.


Cost Effective

Replace or Augment Physical Guards

Keeps Customer and Employees Safe

Reduce Liability

Protects Isolated Employees

Fast law Enforcement Response

The chain began by piloting Remote Guard at a few select locations, testing it to determine if it fit their needs. Pleased with both the evident reduction in incidents and Edgeworth’s active management of the incidents that occurred, they committed to rolling out Remote Guard across hundreds of locations. With Remote Guard in use at their restaurants, they’ve seen a marked improvement in guest and employee safety. They also have noticed a decrease in unwanted activity at their locations that experienced the most security issues prior to the launch of Remote Guard.

Why Protect Your Restaurant With Remote Guard?

With violent crime on the rise and restaurants being the 8th most common setting for violent criminal activity, protecting customers and employees alike has never been more imperative. In 2020 alone, 14,313 restaurant break-ins occurred, and 76 murders were committed inside restaurants.

Edgeworth partners with industry leaders across multiple categories to offer our clients the leading-edge, most proven equipment in the industry. Our partners include Avigilon with their best in class smart cameras, Identisys's access control systems, Tech Electronic's life safety and communication system equipment, and Sunflower Lab’s drone technology. Edgeworth is continually searching for and investing in new technology.

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