Cut out threats
in parking garages

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Protect Your Parking Facility with the Best in Security

Securing any parking facility presents many unique challenges. The inherently sheltered design of covered parking structures, the constant flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and the cars themselves create nearly unlimited opportunities to hide unwanted behavior from watchful eyes. Edgeworth understands the unique concerns plaguing parking facility managers and offers an efficient, effective, and economical solution: Remote Guarding.


Remote Guarding combines the best of traditional security measures with state of the art technology to provide the greatest level of security. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Remote Guarding detects loitering, trespassing, vandalizing, or other unwanted behavior anywhere in an entire parking lot or garage simultaneously. After detection, an alert is sent to one of Edgeworth’s highly trained monitoring agents, who then actively monitor and manage the incident in real time to bring it to the best possible outcome. Completely customizable to the exact security needs and wants of your particular parking facility, Remote Guarding cuts out threats for good.


by speaking directly to intruders and criminals, sending them fleeing from the property.


by cutting out threats before they have a chance to commit any crimes.          


to customers, employees, and owners with an industry-leading, highly advanced security system.          


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Once [unwanted intruders] get the message that the garage is under surveillance, they tend to move on to other locations versus continuing to come back to our garage.

Mike Webb, Alco Parking Vice President, a current Edgworth client

Watch Remote Guarding In Action

How to Stop Crime at Your Lot

Identifies threats before they escalate and proactively deters them through live agent Voice Downs.

Leverages machine learning to automatically adjust to changes in human activity.

Minimizes crimes of opportunity by proactively identifying maintenance needs and preventing vandalism and other property damage.

Communicates with on-site contacts as needed during any incident

Quickly deploys local authorities when needed

Reduces liability risk by identifying and limiting risky behavior

Provides additional value and peace of mind to employees, customers and visitors
Keep your guest safe

Keep your guest safe

Ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and their property with Remote Guarding.

Increase repeat cutomers

Increase repeat cutomers

Create a sense of security, improving customer satisfaction and encouraging them to come back.

Deter nefarious persons

Deter nefarious persons

Identify and remove people behaving suspiciously before they have a chance to commit any crimes.

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