Edgeworth Security Offers Companies the “Foresight” to Confidently Hire the Right High Profile Individual

Edgeworth Security has partnered with one of Hollywood’s leading media relations agencies, Principal Communications, to create Foresight Solutions Group. This technology-centric reputation analysis company protects brands from unknowingly hiring celebrities with potential inflammatory or unethical behavior lurking in their past.

Foresight Solutions Group employs former FBI data analysts and leverages cutting edge technology crossed with traditional crisis-management skills to advise individuals and companies in “an age where old tweets can bring down an Oscar host or jeopardize a billion-dollar superhero franchise.” (Matt Donnelly, Variety)

“Had Foresight Solutions Group existed two months ago, it could have saved the producers of the Academy Awards – and Kevin Hart – a lot of headache” – Hollywood Reporter

Foresight Solutions Group will rely on data collection powered by Edgeworth Security’s Cyber Intelligence division to comb through a subject’s online footprint, preemptively spotting any possible PR and ethics concerns. From there, they can make recommendations or steer a firm away from hiring the person under review. However, resources to cover up misconduct will not be provided, nor will aversion of attention from crimes or discriminatory acts.

“Foresight will have the ability to review online information in 200 languages, scour social media networks, search court records and even plumb the so-called dark web.” – The New York Times

Edgeworth’s state of the art technology and deep roots in security and intelligence brings a new wave of defense to companies hiring individuals who may have a hidden controversial past that’s waiting to be uncovered by future public scrutiny. This allows firms to make a more educated decision in hiring a celebrity who will complement their image, without risking the firm’s reputation.