How to Identify the make and model of cars with your security camera, Introducing Digital Watchdog

Edgeworth is thrilled to announce a new addition to our security arsenal: the cutting-edge AI-powered high-speed IP cameras from Digital Watchdog®, featuring unparalleled license plate, vehicle type, make, model, and color recognition. This technology represents a giant leap forward in our commitment to providing the most advanced security solutions to our clients.

These cameras are not just any surveillance tool; they come equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Make, Model, Color Recognition (MMCR) capabilities. Imagine capturing and analyzing vehicle details with up to 95% accuracy at speeds up to 75mph, in any lighting condition.

  • Urban Security: Enhance city-wide surveillance efforts, tracking vehicles of interest across different checkpoints, improving safety, and aiding law enforcement in real-time.
  • Access Control: Revolutionize how parking lots, gated communities, and restricted access areas monitor and control vehicle entry, ensuring only authorized vehicles gain entrance.
  • Logistics and Fleet Management: Monitor and manage the movement of goods more efficiently, from departure to arrival, enhancing operational efficiency and security

How It Works:

The camera system analyzes various visual attributes of the car, including profile, size, shape, number of doors, fenders, and badges,  to automatically identify a vehicle's make, model, and color. This approach eliminates reliance on a single data point, improving accuracy.

Why Edgeworth?

Edgeworth's expertise in seamlessly integrating this revolutionary technology into your existing security infrastructure is unmatched. Our integration team can install, integrate, and maintain these systems, ensuring that you are able to leverage the technology’s full applications and turn your video surveillance into actionable intelligence.

Edgeworth consistently delivers on our mission to defend our clients’ safety, security and economic well-being through the combination of our state-of-the-art technology and our team of well-qualified and competent professionals. This fusion of the best aspects of both human and machine intelligence allows Edgeworth to provide an extra layer of protection against threats and issues.

Let's redefine what's possible in security and safety together, schedule a demo with our security experts.