Edgeworth Security delivers on our mission to defend our clients’ safety, security and economic well-being through the combination of our state-of-the-art technology and our team of well-qualified and competent professionals. Edgeworth agents go through continuous training and education to ensure that our clients are protected by the most up-to-date techniques in the security industry. Along with their ever-evolving knowledge, our agents are also able to access the analytics and information collected by artificial intelligence, machine learning, military grade analytics, and cyber data tools. This fusion of the best aspects of both human and machine intelligence allows Edgeworth to provide an extra layer of protection against threats and issues.

Every day within our US-based Monitoring Center, Edgeworth agents work diligently to ensure the safety of our clients, their businesses, and their properties. Frequent agent meetings foster collaboration and communication throughout the Monitoring Center; debriefs after shift changes ensure continuity and informed decision making by the incoming supervisors and team members. Our highly trained agents are equipped to handle a variety of events, including expected delivery confirmations, unknown people on the property, and attempted security breaches.

Each type of event provokes the standard incident procedure most suited to bring the incident to the best possible conclusion. For example, when security breaches are proactively identified by the smart cameras of our Remote Guarding solution, Edgeworth agents initiate a response constructed to stop the event in its tracks. The team collaborates to support each other during response calls: while one agent issues a Voice Down command, other agents are able to alert law enforcement and the client instantly on the rare cases a Voice Down command is not enough to deter the intruder. All alerts occur under the watchful eye of experienced supervisors, ready to step in and advise at a moment’s notice.

With 5 Industry Awards for excellence and innovation, Edgeworth Security’s services are proven to produce results for our clients. Our agents achieve a 93% deterrent rate through Voice Down alone, and to date have a 99% apprehension rate in the rare instances intruders do not respond to our agent’s Voice Downs. This has prevented over 3,650 crimes from being committed. With this assurance of excellence, our clients are able to experience an unparalleled peace of mind.

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