Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guarding solution is customizable to a client’s unique security needs. Clients are able to choose from the individual components that make up Remote Guarding, adding the ones that make sense for their particular security concerns and challenges.

Think of Remote Guard like an a la carte menu; if a client wants their property monitored by a live agent on a schedule, they can “order” the Rover Patrol service which deploys an Edgeworth agent to assess views through each of the property’s cameras on a rotational basis, mirroring the patrol a physical guard would complete as they walk the property.

By ordering Tech Check, clients can proactively ensure that their security equipment is working, and be alerted to any issues that are identified by Tech Check before equipment failures cause a problem.

SaferSpace, the main “entrée” of Remote Guarding, when ordered by clients, deploys analytic smart cameras to constantly monitor their site for any unusual and unwanted activity. When unusual activity is discovered by the advanced analytics, the built in A.I. alerts live agents who then manage the incident to its best possible outcome.

Clients that would like Edgeworth to monitor access control and detect unauthorized entry to facility areas can order Help Assist. With Help Assist, Edgeworth agents monitor access control hardware and license plate readers to grant access to verified individuals which ensures that only authorized personnel, customers and guests are entering any specific locations as permissioned by the client.

For clients who desire critical-event-only protection, “Peace of Mind” is available as a standalone option. Through the strategic placement of panic button devices, Edgeworth and law enforcement can quickly be alerted to critical events, decreasing emergency response time.

With Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guard, clients enjoy the convenience of a flexible, bespoke security solution that will address the exact needs of their unique business, location, and situation. Clients can combine Remote Guarding components to build their completely customized deployment.

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