Edgeworth Security: Recently Published by Leading Parking Industry Magazine

Edgeworth Security’s article “AI-Enhanced Remote Monitoring: Create Safer Parking Facilities” published by Parking Magazine, National Parking Association (NPA)’s premier parking industry magazine, covers how emerging remote monitoring systems can be harnessed to enhance the safety of parking facilities.

The article details how Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding, is changing parking lot security for the better, leaving customers, their property, and the facilities themselves safer than before.

“With remote monitoring systems, companies can feel confident that their parking facilities are fully protected, reduce the risk of incidents, and encourage more patronage.”

Powered by the best in human and machine intelligence combined, remote monitoring systems are able to protect every inch of a parking facility all at once, something that more traditional measures of security just aren’t able to compete with.

“Specialty cameras at an Alco Parking location in Pittsburgh detected an unauthorized person…something the in-person security guard wasn’t able to catch, but the remote monitoring system provided a way for the company to quickly address the issue."

Thanks to these emerging, enhanced security measures, parking facilities are safer than ever before, improving the lives of parking facility owners, managers, and the customers that depend on these facilities every day. 

Thank you to NPA for helping us spread the good news of the role of emerging technology in increased parking facility safety. We are looking forward to publishing with NPA again in the future. To read the article in full, click here.

NPA has published high-quality content directed towards parking industry leadership for more than 70 years. It is the best resource for discovering parking trends, products, and best practices. Edgeworth, as an industry leader in the security industry, has a lot of expert knowledge about current and future parking security trends, and is thus a perfect match for NPA’s audience.

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