Remote Guarding by Edgeworth is a preventative security solution that leverages smart technology, including Voice Down live communication, to stop criminals in their tracks. Unlike traditional security cameras that simply record information to provide evidence after a crime has already occurred, Edgeworth’s Voice Down warnings effectively deter 93% of trespassers in the moment.

We recently designed a custom security solution for a multifamily community that had been regularly plagued by car break-ins. Since Remote Guarding has come online, Edgeworth has successfully stopped attempted car break-ins and loitering, both of which had been ongoing issues on the property. Watch how our agent use Voice Down warnings to engage trespassers on the property in real-time, alerting them that their actions are being recorded, and instructing them to leave the property immediately. In both instances, this Voice Down communication successfully deters any further activity and the trespassers leave the property without incident.

How It Works:

Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding blankets properties with digital line barriers paired with high-definition cameras for complete premises coverage. The camera’s built-in artificial intelligence can distinguish between suspicious activity versus ordinary activity, and between human, animal or other disturbances, eliminating false alarms. When an unwanted visitor is detected, a digital alert is sent to our monitoring center and our live, highly trained security agents engage would-be intruders before they can cause harm to property or people—forcing their retreat—while simultaneously alerting police so that the culprits can be apprehended quickly.

On the rare occasion that a suspect does not to heed a Voice Down warning, Edgeworth’s strong relationships with law enforcement ensure a swift response and our agents are even able to coordinate with law enforcement on the location and activities of the suspect to assist in their detainment. The result? 100% of non-compliant suspects have been apprehended to-date.

This is the difference between the proactive security offered by Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding and traditional, reactive security. Through Edgeworth’s innovative application of smart technology, including digital line barriers, artificial intelligence, live monitoring by our highly trained agents and Voice Down live communication, Edgeworth prevents crime before it happens, and brings unavoidable incidents to the best possible conclusion, providing clients with true peace of mind.