How Does Edgeworth Adapt to Different Industries?

At Edgeworth Security, we know that each industry has its own unique security concerns and challenges. That’s why we work together with our clients to ensure that we customize our solutions for their individual security needs. Our clients enjoy the convenience of a security provider that already understands the demands of their particular industry while still offering a flexible, bespoke security solution that will address any needs that are solely unique to their business, location and customers.

Our Process:

When a client decides to partner with Edgeworth, it initiates a process that will lead to the ideal integration of our products and services with the needs and wants of the client. This process begins with a consultation and a site walk-through by one of our Integrators. We take our deep knowledge of industry-specific security challenges and combine that with a careful debrief of a client’s security history to uncover the underlying causes of their individual security concerns.

Once we’ve identified a client’s security improvement points, we can recommend the right combination of services that will solve their security challenges. For some clients layering Remote Guarding to complement their physical security guards has proven to be successful, others find that replacing their physical guards with Remote Guarding and other extended Edgeworth security services is the best solution for their particular situation.

Installation is then handled by our highly skilled technicians, delivering a white-glove experience where everything is expertly handled from beginning to end. We ensure our physical products are in locations where they do not detract from the design and architecture of the property without compromising on efficacy. After installation, our technicians carefully explain the system to the client and answer any questions they might have.

Our solutions are designed to be future-compatible and adaptable to changing needs; once you’ve partnered with Edgeworth Security, you’ve made a partner for life. We continuously monitor the results of our security solutions and provide timely reports to our clients to ensure clients always have a deep understanding of the security status of their site.

Industries We Serve:

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