Is Edgeworth Security Recognized by Other Organizations in the Security Industry?

Edgeworth Security is an industry-trusted security company with several industry awards, memberships and certifications. Our mission is to guarantee our clients’ safety, security and economic well-being, using all of our highly trained team’s 100+ collective years of experience to do so. Our security solutions have proven results and extensive redundancies, which leads to recognition from other companies and organizations in the professional monitoring industry, including UL and the Monitoring Association.


UL accredits Edgeworth Security’s Monitoring Center with the UL 827 and UL 827B certifications. These certifications affirm Edgeworth’s qualifications to actively manage security events and subsequent engagement. This includes handoff and tactical support to law enforcement, all in real-time via command-center based agents. This certification also allows our agents to execute simultaneous command and control over client sites extending across the US.

Monitoring systems with the UL 827B certification must undergo a vigorous audit each calendar year in order to verify continued compliance of certification requirements. Edgeworth’s Monitoring Center was built to meet and exceed UL standards, with redundancies across the board (including power and connection backups, central station software load balancing and redundancy, and an abundance of staff and workstations) to ensure service availability should an emergency happen. As of the time of writing this article, only four other monitoring companies in the US have reached this level of redundancy.

The Monitoring Association

Besides being certified by UL, Edgeworth Security is also a member of the Monitoring Association, the professional monitoring industry trade association. The Monitoring Association seeks to build a safer world by working to advance the professional monitoring industry. Among other improvements, they have developed industry standards for monitoring centers and cultivated relationships between its members and various government agencies, including law enforcement.

Being a member of the Monitoring Association means that a company is committed to constantly improving itself and the professional monitoring industry as a whole, something Edgeworth has always stood behind.