Our Experience

Edgeworth Security combines over 20 years of security installation experience with cutting edge technology and a diverse team of military and security experts. Founded to transform the security industry, Edgeworth builds upon proven security processes with state of the art technology to provide clients with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions available.

VAS Security Systems Inc., now Edgeworth Integration, has built custom security integrations for clients in every industry from Medical Centers to Schools and Colleges, as well as Government Agencies and clients in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Commercial industries.

Edgeworth’s security experts bring a wealth of experience as special operators, law enforcement agents, and active-duty military personnel, providing clients with unique insights into emerging security threats. This experience, coupled with our Tech Lab, which is dedicated to keeping ahead of emerging technologies, trends, and issues impacting businesses, means we are always looking ahead to new threat vectors, so our clients’ security needs are proactively managed.

Learn more about Edgeworth’s background and experience on our About page.