Calipsa Interviews Edgeworth about Optimizing Cannabis Security

With the legal cannabis industry on the rise, the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of legal facilities has risen with it. Calipsa recently featured Edgeworth’s Direct Sales Manager Brian Bucholtz on how Edgeworth Security prevents crimes for commercial cannabis clients.

“If [cannabis video monitoring services] are used in an efficient manner, they can also help prevent and catch crime.”


With Edgeworth’s all-in-one Remote Guarding solution, growth facilities and dispensaries can rest assured that they are both meeting and exceeding their state’s security requirements and deterring unwanted and criminal activities on their property.

​“Once cannabis businesses have satisfied their state requirements for video monitoring systems, the most effective way to utilize it is with event-based monitoring. Instead of draining time and resources to monitor cameras all day, intelligent video analytics allow security personnel to only be alerted by true alarms.”


Read the entire article about how Edgeworth, with Calipsa’s AI-powered video analytics, is improving cannabis security monitoring here: “Optimizing cannabis video monitoring systems with intelligent event-driven analytics.”

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