Edgeworth Security: In Constant Pursuit of the Latest Emerging Technology

Edgeworth Security was recently named as a runner-up for 2023’s Monitoring Technology Marvel Award, an award recognizing monitoring centers for the innovation and/or implementation of cutting-edge technology. One of the co-sponsors of the award, Security Sales and Integration, interviewed Edgeworth’s COO Holly Shenk and VP of Technical Operations Keith Crowder about Edgeworth’s long-term success with using emerging technology. 

“Breakthroughs in [technology] will help Edgeworth respond better and faster to its clients and presumably keep them safer for longer and earlier in the process”

As explained in the article, Edgeworth is continually searching for and investing in new technology. Between partnerships with leading security vendors, to producing new solutions at various testing labs, to vetting and testing technology at our own Edgeworth Monitoring Center, our company is dedicated to using the best that the security industry can offer.

"The foundation of our business and being one of the first companies who received UL 827 & 827B certifications for remote guarding of video has allowed us to develop procedures and work with technology over time that we know will allow us to offer the most pro-active video monitoring in the market."

Besides developing our own proprietary processes using our leadership’s 100 years of collective experience, Edgeworth Security partners with industry leaders across multiple categories to offer our clients the leading-edge, most proven equipment in the industry. Some of our partners include Avigilon, Identisys, Sunflower Lab, and Tech Electronic.

“As these technologies advance, we hope to use them to respond faster, receive truer alerts, and provide better remote guarding service for our customers…these breakthroughs should allow Edgeworth to secure client sites better and offer new ways to deliver that service.”

By developing and incorporating emerging technology, Edgeworth is always at the forefront of the video monitoring industry. This way, we’re able to offer better services in more categories to our clients.

To read SSI’s full article, click here.

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