Staying State of the Art

At Edgeworth’s U.S. based Monitoring Center, our agents go through continuous training and education to ensure our clients are protected. We built our Monitoring Center from the ground up – never outsourcing or reconciling outdated technology. We constantly improve our processes and make continuous investments in cutting edge data security measures. Our Monitoring Center manages security events, engagement and tactical support to law enforcement in real-time with an assurance of redundancies in power, workstations, connections and staff.

Our unique procedures and technology are in place to provide seamless data privacy and security continuity. We exceed industry standards so our clients know their safety and assets are secure. We are a member of the Monitoring Association.

In the event of a security breach, we want you to know you can rely on us – no matter what.

We have made significant investments in the following areas to provide confidence in process and data assurance:

  • Monitoring Center UL827b Certification
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Data Security
  • US-Based Performance

Edgeworth services leverage a VPN and/or white listed connection from their Pittsburg UL 827b* certified Monitoring Center down to the client.

The Monitoring Center is built to exceed UL standards with redundancies across the board, which includes power and connection backups and an abundance of staff and workstations. These redundancies and protections ensure service availability. This level of redundancy has only achieved by four other companies in the US.

Obtaining the UL certification affirms Edgeworth’s ability to actively manage security events and subsequent engagement. This includes handoff and tactical support to law enforcement, all in real-time via command-center based agents. At the same time, our agents are executing simultaneous command and control over client sites extending across the US into Canada and the US Virgin Islands.

Edgeworth’s UL 827b Certification standards demand hundreds of requirements and procedures to be met through evaluation and continuous audit to ensure operational continuity for the end user.

We have:
Our Monitoring Center leadership and information technology group are continually inspecting existing procedures in order to uphold our certifications, eradicate complacency and craft and innovate solutions for emergent risks.

  • Uninterrupted Power Source
  • Generators
  • 3 ISP providers with disparate routes
  • Central station software load balancing and redundancy
  • Warm sites for physical problems/natural disasters

Encrypted Data Stream

Network Video Recorders encrypt the data streams in transport and the footage at rest. Streams from client to our Monitoring Center leverage Transport Layer Security Secure Remote Password (TLS-SRP) for client-server connections.

End-Point Protection

In addition to normal practices of website filtering, complex passwords on the workstations and our Central Station Software, we leverage end-point protection at our agent workstations.

This software restricts the ability to copy, upload and share footage, screenshots or client material outside of the local, hardened network. Additionally, it blocks the use of external storage devices.

Supervisory Personnel

Only select supervisory personnel can share approved footage with law enforcement or clients when requested. Those transferred are logged and supervised by Monitoring Center leadership. Attempts to transfer, upload or attach are instantly flagged and blocked.

Edgeworth’s technology, operations, and services are 100% US-based.

We welcome you to take a tour and experience our Pittsburgh operations center!
Call Brian at (412) 334-1961 for more information.

  • Our data and systems are housed in United States based Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Our Central Station Software is cloud-based and only accessible to our Pittsburgh Monitoring Center.
  • All transportation of analytic alarm clips and live footage to the client are via encrypted streams.