Can Companies Protect Themselves from SMS Data Breaches?

All companies are at risk for data breaches, which can have serious and far-reaching consequences on a company’s brand and public image. There have been many stories in the last couple of years about hackers gaining access to a company’s SMS data and using that access for nefarious purposes.

In 2019, the text database of TrueDialog, an SMS communication service company, was breached, giving hackers access to the email addresses, phone numbers, and text contents of millions of people, including many businesses. TrueDialog responded by taking down the database and hiring outside security consultants after the incident occured, but their reputation still took a hit.

In 2020, Rocket Text, an SMS Marketing company, failed to password protect its servers, causing a data leak including full names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and text contents. This particular company had already had previous security issues that led them to rebrand into Rocket Text, and after this data breach Rocket Text rebranded once again to recover from the ruined brand image.

In 2021, it was made public that Syniverse had become aware of unauthorized access to its systems since 2016. Syniverse has since tightened its security measures (although they haven’t provided details on how) and informed all affected customers. Details of the extent of the breach still haven’t been released as of the publication of this blog post.

While it may not always be possible to control the security procedures and the data access of the companies that you do business with, Edgeworth’s Intelligence Operations Division keeps a careful watch on how our clients’ brands are mentioned and represented across the open-source internet and the dark web to identify any possible data breach.

Edgeworth Security’s Intelligence Operations Division offers IP Risk, Theft, and Mitigation Services as well as Brand, Reputation and Product Awareness Services. Our Intelligence Division helps identify and mitigate any threat or risk of intellectual property loss through our experienced process of risk identification both before and after an incident occurs. By applying general-public collection and sentiment analysis, we can help provide critical information regarding public conversation about your company and/or other possible concerns which could arise after an incident, such as after a data breach.

Edgeworth Security’s Intelligence Operations Division also proactively identifies possible exposure of addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, email account information and other Personally Identifiable Information(PII). Our PII identification and mitigation service works on a persistent basis to identify where our clients’ personal information is being made available across the open-source internet and the dark web. Once discovered, our team then works to get that information removed or altered so that it no longer presents a risk to our clients.

If you are ready to benefit from working with an intelligence industry leader, give us a call at (412) 334-1961, or go to our Intelligence page to learn more about how Edgeworth protects from virtual threats.