Chad Brockway, VP of Cyber Operations Tapped by The Cipher Brief as Cyber Thought Leader

Chad Brockway, VP of Cyber Operations at Edgeworth Security, and his team of cyber experts at Edgeworth provide clients with persistent, comprehensive risk detection in order to prevent threats to business revenue, public perception, property, and physical safety. Chad’s extensive background in the cyber security field includes working as former program manager for the Special Technologies and Applications Section (STAS) at the FBI, Deputy Watch Center Director for the Department of Defense Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA), and a Military Police Officer in the Marine Corps. With this background it’s only natural that The Cipher Brief, a leading security news source, has brought Chad in as their cyber security thought leader. In a recent article for The Cipher Brief, Chad discusses the new standard of surfing the dark web. Check out why Chad predicts that “today’s browsers and search engines will become a thing of the past”.