How Edgeworth Security Ensures Your Data is Secure

Whenever a client entrusts their physical safety to Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding, they’re also entrusting their digital safety as well. Remote Guarding blankets properties in smart technology, including high-resolution cameras that are constantly recording and analyzing activities on our client’s properties, creating both indefinitely stored historical data and live data streams. The digital security of both the live views of our client’s properties and their historical footage is protected by a system of comprehensive digital security barriers.

Streams from our client sites to our Monitoring Center leverage Transport Layer Security Secure Remote Password (TLS-SRP) for client server connections, ensuring only those with approved access can see footage. Edgeworth uses encrypted data streams for all network video recorders. These digital protections keep our client’s data and privacy secure.

Data privacy breaches are not just vulnerable to digital hacking, they’re also vulnerable to “human hacking”. Without addressing the potential weak points introduced by the human element, no system is truly secure. To protect against these human vulnerabilities (both accidental and intended) Edgeworth has developed processes to eliminate these weaknesses. Only select supervisory personnel can share approved footage with law enforcement or clients when requested. These transfers are meticulously logged and monitored by Command Center leadership. Any attempts to transfer, upload or attach files are instantly flagged and blocked before transfers can be completed.

Our Monitoring Center is based in the U.S., where all agent workstations utilize end-point protection, ensuring from client to agent, data is protected against zero-day exploits, attacks and inadvertent data leakage resulting from human error. Coupled with our Central Station Software that restricts the ability to copy, upload and share footage, screenshots outside of the local, hardened network while also blocking the use of external storage devices, our client’s data is secured from any potential internal or external threats.

Using state of the art technology helps us better protect our clients from modern security threats, both physical and digital.