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Destiny USA, a sprawling retail, dining and entertainment emporium in Syracuse, New York, has long been a popular tourist destination for shoppers seeking variety and excitement. However, the very elements that contribute to its vibrancy – its size, diverse offerings, and large crowds – come with inherent security challenges. Maintaining a safe and secure environment for both patrons and employees within this massive complex requires a constant evolution of security protocols.

J. Michael Gately, the General Manager at Destiny USA, who is always looking for the latest technology turned to Edgeworth’s mobile security trailers to further bolster Destiny USA’s already strong security stance.

Syracuse’s Chief of Police had this to say about Destiny USA’s mobile remote guard trailers in a recent video interview with CNY central, “The malls have been doing all kinds of steps to make sure it's safe for the customers, but also the hundreds of people that work there…but the newest thing is a surveillance system.” Chief Cecile states, "People are going to be monitoring those cameras so they can prevent things, they will be monitored by individuals to see if they can spot things that are occurring before they happen and the officers can swoop in and stop it, whether it's someone bringing a weapon or just larceny occuring.” Chief of Police Cecile, commends Destiny USA for their commitment to public safety.

The interviewer also comments on how this new implementation of remotely monitored security trailers is also helping the police department save on resources to which Chief Cecile replies “oh yea, cameras are always a force multiplier for us.”

How Destiny USA’s new mobile security trailers work to keep shoppers safer:

Destiny USA prioritizes the safety of its shoppers, and their innovative approach to security includes the deployment of three mobile security trailers strategically positioned throughout the exterior of the mall. These trailers are equipped with analytic cameras, monitored 24/7 by highly trained remote guards. These remote guard trailers keep a watchful eye on all patrons, deterring criminal activity and ensuring a safe environment for shoppers coming and going.

Unlike traditional security systems that require permanent installations, mobile trailers offer a significant advantage. They can be quickly deployed and relocated to adjust for changing security needs. Powered by built-in solar panels, these trailers are not reliant on hardwired electrical, providing maximum flexibility. Their telescoping masts provide an expansive view range, perfect for covering large parking lots like those at Destiny USA.

This approach has significantly improved security measures in multiple ways including:

  • Additional benefit of mobile remote guard trailers; Crowd Control: 

A key component of Edgeworth’s remote guard is the ability for remote agents to issue Voice Downs, where a remote agent speaks directly to onsite persons. Beyond being a proactive way to deter criminals, Voice Downs are also a powerful crowd control tool. This innovative use of Edgeworth’s Voice Down system allows remote guards to directly communicate with individuals on-site to manage large gatherings. Agents can distribute clear instructions to direct the crowd and disperse crowds if necessary, or direct them to designated areas during a time of crisis.

  • Faster Response Times from Law Enforcement:

Immediate incident detection allows remote guards to quickly contact local law enforcement or emergency medical personnel for faster response times.

"The integration of Edgeworth's mobile surveillance systems marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to prioritize safety and security at Destiny USA," - J. Michael Gately

Innovation in mall security from Destiny USA 

This security innovation by Destiny USA with Edgeworth’s mobile remote guard trailers is another fortification in Destiny’s USA commitment to patron safety. The combination of cutting-edge surveillance technology and Edgeworth’s remote guarding expertise has ensured a safer environment for all patrons. 

"These innovative solutions have not only proven to be effective in deterring misconduct but also in enhancing our ability to respond swiftly to emergencies and ensure the well-being of our guests and employees." - J. Michael Gately

With a watchful eye, 24 hours a day from a trusted security partner, Destiny USA can keep focus on what it does best – providing an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience for its guests.

About the client 

About Destiny USA

Destiny USA is New York’s largest shopping, dining and entertainment destination and the sixth largest shopping center in the U.S. centrally located in Syracuse, New York. Combined with its new, onsite Embassy Suites by Hilton hotel cement Destiny USA’s reputation as a premier tourist destination. The mall is visited by 26 million guests annually, attracting tourists from all 50 states, Canada and worldwide. 

About Pyramid Management Group, LLC

Pyramid Management Group, owner of Destiny USA, is one of the largest, most innovative, privately-held real estate developers in the northeast. Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Pyramid's portfolio of dynamic shopping, dining and entertainment destinations and expanding hospitality presence dominate the northeast with 14 properties located throughout New York and Massachusetts. For nearly 50 years, Pyramid has built its reputation on being first, fast, ahead of the curve and always what’s next, leading the industry in combining the best elements of traditional retail with world-class dining and entertainment, all under one roof.