When unusual or undesirable activity is detected on an Edgeworth-secured property, our highly trained agents activate Voice Down Live Communication to communicate directly with suspects through 100 decibel speakers. Voice Down is extremely effective, deterring 93% of trespassers in the moment. If a suspect does not heed our agent’s Voice Down warnings, Edgeworth’s verifiable information and strong relationship with law enforcement ensure a swift response—to date, 100% of non-compliant suspects have been apprehended.

From our state of the art Monitoring Center, Edgeworth agents assess each security alert to determine the level of response needed. Our agents use scenario-specific dialogue for each Voice Down to ensure issues are managed effectively, whether dealing with an unwanted loiterer taking photos outside a property or trespassers who have breached the perimeter with intent to cause damage or commit crimes.

Voice Down communications from our experienced agents are calibrated to the situation and our client’s predetermined preferences:

  • Loiterers - When unwanted visitors appear outside a home or property, our agents use Voice Down to alert the loiterers that they are being watched and instruct them to leave immediately.
  • Trespassers – When would-be criminals attempt to break into a property, Edgeworth agents communicate that every action of the suspect is being recorded and law enforcement is on the way.
  • Scheduled Visitors – Scheduled contractors, including cleaners and gardeners, visit client properties frequently. Voice Down allows our agents to verify their identity and direct them, if necessary, based on instructions from the client. Voice Down also helps deter scheduled visitors from entering areas they are not authorized to access.
  • Remote Reception – An additional option for our remote guarding clients, when planned visitors arrive at your property, our Remote Reception agents greet, grant access and monitor your guests, removing the need for an in-person receptionist or guard.

Each customized Voice Down communication is administered with the knowledge that we represent our clients and that our actions are a reflection on our clients’ image. Our highly trained agents use professional, courteous communication where appropriate and more forceful language when necessary. Incidents are handled professionally while always keeping in mind the best interests of our clients. We take pride in asserting the necessary level of pressure for each incident.

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