Edgeworth’s State of the Art US-Based Monitoring Center

Edgeworth’s highly trained security agents manage the Remote Guarding of our clients’ properties from our US-based, state of the art Monitoring and Control Center. Edgeworth Security is also a member of the Monitoring Association. Our live agents use Edgeworth’s smart technology, including video surveillance with built in artificial intelligence, to remotely monitor properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Edgeworth systems are constantly improving through machine learning. Operational redundancies further increase the reliability of Edgeworth’s system. When our smart technology identifies an active incident, Edgeworth security agents are instantly alerted and provide real-time management.

Our agents are thoroughly vetted and complete rigorous training to respond to any situation with authority and professionalism. Real-life training simulations ensure agents continuously refine their skills to manage threats. When a security event happens, the incident is methodically reviewed to ensure continuous improvement and refinement of our processes.

Edgeworth uses employee regulations, data encryption, and facility restrictions to guarantee the protection of our clients’ privacy.

Our combination of artificial intelligence, state of the art technology and highly trained agents allows Edgeworth to efficiently monitor properties, often at a significant cost savings.

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