Whether physical or digital, internal or external, companies need a comprehensive response that guards against all manners of infiltration. Edgeworth Security provides a variety of solutions that can be layered together to provide ever increasing coverage against threats. Having any one Edgeworth service protects clients from certain incursions; however, the combination of all four layers, Consulting, Integration, Remote Guarding, and Open Source Intelligence, work together to provide an almost impenetrable armor of protection. This layering of protective solutions ensure Edgeworth clients, their businesses, and their property have the most proactive security possible, capable of stopping threats before they become a problem.


Through our Consulting service, Edgeworth’s highly trained and experienced security consultants work with clients to identify risks and find the right security solutions that proactively prevent and manage security threats. Our risk assessment experts craft personalized, highly detailed plans outlining the specific security vulnerabilities of our clients and actionable steps to counteract those vulnerabilities. Edgeworth also provides ongoing analysis of security effectiveness to ensure that our clients are continuously experiencing the best possible outcomes.

Systems Integration

As a leading expert in security integration, Edgeworth Security has extensive experience building award-winning security solutions to secure our clients’ people and property. Edgeworth Security designs and installs comprehensive state of the art security systems, tailored to the needs of your site and industry. Our highly trained professionals handle the process every step of the way, delivering a white-glove experience and ensuring a smooth integration between any new and previously existing access control, cameras and other security equipment.

Remote Guarding

From our secure US-based headquarters, Edgeworth Security’s highly trained agents watch for and stop incidents before they happen through the A.I. powered cameras of our Remote Guarding solution. When the A.I. detects any unusual, unwanted, or suspicious activity, an alert is sent to an Edgeworth agent in our UL827b certified Monitoring Center, where the agent issues a Voice Down command to the trespasser. Remote Guarding can claim a 93% deterrent rate of trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other crimes with our Voice Down live communication. In the rare cases that Voice Down is not enough to stop the criminal activity, law enforcement is called and has been able to apprehend the suspect in 99% of these cases.

Open Source Intelligence

Edgeworth Security’s full-service open source intelligence solution leverages state of the art open source intelligence techniques, practices and tools with our multilingual team’s cross-disciplined expertise in order to identify, collect and report on significant information of interest as well as provide a strategic situational awareness for our clients. This situational awareness keeps our clients’ organizations running smoothly by providing an extensive understanding of known and unknown threats on social media, the dark web, and other platforms and channels.

Combining Any or All Solutions to Protect Against Threats

While any one of these security solutions provided by Edgeworth creates a strong barrier of defense, layering these different solutions together provides ever increasing levels of threat awareness and proactive protection. Incorporating all four layers of protection allows Edgeworth to provide clients the assurance that they have the most comprehensive, proactive security possible safeguarding them and their interests.

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