Introducing Edgeworth Security’s Duty of Care service: Global Services

Edgeworth Security is proud to introduce a new member to our family of security solutions, Global Services. 

Global Services is travel streamlined and redefined for ultimate peace of mind, going further in safety and client comfort than traditional Duty of Care services. With Global Services, Edgeworth provides a concierge experience, handling every aspect of travel including conducting extensive location-based research, custom crafting of your itinerary, and most importantly managing your security to ensure your safety from the time you leave your home to the moment of your return.

With proactive threat monitoring, cultural briefings, and comprehensive pre-trip intelligence, Edgeworth takes the guesswork out of travel and gives you a streamlined luxury travel experience you’ll never forget. By handling logistical challenges and security concerns, Edgeworth helps you make the most of your time and trip while significantly reducing points of contact and vetting service providers. 


Get familiar with what Edgeworth can do for your travel needs, and how we expand on traditional Duty of Care services with our trademark white-glove customer service couples with unparalleled security expertise:

Well Curated Itineraries 

Our team of experts custom craft your trip itinerary for you, making intentional decisions to ensure your safety and maximize your time. Handling everything from reservations and experiences to accommodations and transportation, Edgeworth aims for you to focus on the “why” of your travels and us on everything else. With an emphasis on resourcing best in class local experiences and guides, Edgeworth helps you enjoy an effortless and high quality travel experience by leaving stress behind. 



Proactivity is the name of the game, and Edgeworth does it best with proactive threat monitoring and seamless threat mitigation, covering everything from travel disruptions to civil unrest. Well known for keeping people and property safe, Edgeworth takes strides to ensure your safety every step of the way from people and situations both known and unknown. 


Edgeworth takes the guesswork out of travel by arming you with cultural and security information alike, regardless of your destination. From what clothes to pack and what to expect culturally to possible security threats, we use comprehensive pre-trip intelligence and thorough cultural briefings to eliminate surprises and maintain your comfort and confidence. 

Emergency Management

Emergencies don’t wait for you to be ready, but with Edgeworth, you always are. We guarantee your protection at all times by streamlining requests for emergency assistance and giving you the tools you need to handle an emergency if one comes your way. From natural disasters to political crises, Edgeworth has your back. 


Local Connection

Obliterate uncertainty and benefit from Edgeworth’s exhaustive vetting process throughout your trip. We know that the key to a successful trip is all in the details, which is why you’ll benefit from the right connections with best in class, regionally sourced service providers.


Leave nothing to chance on your next trip with Edgeworth Security’s Global Services. Schedule an appointment now/visit our Global Services page to learn more. 


Ready to travel with the complete protection of Edgeworth Security?


Getting started with Edgeworth’s Global Services begins with connecting with Melissa Palma, president of Global Services.


What is Duty of Care Service?

When traveling for business, duty of care is the ethical obligation to ensure the physical safety and overall well being of the traveler. The service includes the over all travel plan, the evaluation of potential safety threats, and the precautionary measures taken to guard against those threats as well as managing the more mundane concerns of travel logistics, documentation needs for travel and handling illness while abroad. With Edgeworth’s Global Services, we take Duty of Care even further, combining all of the security and logistical with a luxury concierge experience. This allows our clients to have the most streamlined travel experience possible coupled with the highest level of safety and peace of mind.