What is the Difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guarding solution leverages both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning is the process in which a computer algorithm collects data and makes assumptions based on that data. The smart cameras of our Remote Guarding solution are constantly scanning the area, continuously learning about the property and coming to conclusions based on the information collected. Through this process, Machine Learning makes determinations about deviations from normal activities, like there typically not being cars in a certain area at a certain time 90% of the time. When a car does appear during that time frame, Machine Learning will then tag that event as unusual activity but takes no action.

Artificial Intelligence does make decisions based on information catalogued by Machine Learning. So when Machine Learning notices a car where normally a car is not, the AI makes the decision to send an alert to Edgeworth’s UL certified Monitoring Center. From there, a highly trained agent decides what actions are needed to bring the incident to the best possible conclusion.

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