Operational Intelligence When You Need Short-Term Peace of Mind

Changing World Events
Require Adaptive Solutions

In today’s ever changing dynamic of how we do business, it’s our job at Edgeworth Security to help our customers adapt and stay informed, regardless of world events.

Our threat intelligence solution service leverages state of the art intelligence capabilities with our team’s cross-disciplined expertise in order to identify, collect and report on significant information of interest from online data sources around the world.

Remote Employee Vulnerability

Hackers are specifically targeting remote employees and how they are conducting their daily work. We monitor specific communities and data sources that can provide early warnings of such activity.

Data Loss and Leakage

Having to adapt to new business solutions, such as telecommuting, can often result in unforeseen risks such as information leakage or loss. Our process persistently scans the open source internet for company proprietary data and intellectual property risks.

Information Provision

We help our customers stay informed with accurate information during times when it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t.

Targeting Risks

Empty buildings create great targets of opportunities for criminals. Using keywords and geo-based collection, we persistently monitor for any indicators or risks to our customer’s facilities.

Communication Awareness

Our communication awareness strategy helps our customers maintain insight into how global events and public perception can be used to develop their business decisions and strategies.

Global Access

During times of communication voids, our process provides our customers access to information from all over the world and in hundreds of different languages.

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