Parking lots and parking structures are common security pain points where people (and property) experience a heightened safety risk. They are also places where people can feel the most vulnerable, especially when walking at night to and from buildings and vehicles.

Unfortunately, these areas are hot spots for car theft, robberies, and even attacks or kidnapping. With these possible dangerous activities in parking lots, it’s important to proactively secure the areas to keep people safe. Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding is the proactive solution that ensures both the safety of tenants, guests, and employees while also warding off property damage in parking structures and commercials and residential properties.

Often clients report experiencing loitering, theft, vandalism, graffiti, trespassing, and even carjackings within their parking facilities which creates a heightened concern for the general safety of those that use them, especially at night. With Edgeworth’s state of the art technology combined with our highly trained live agents, we are able to solve these security concerns and create peace of mind for those coming and going in areas secured by the protective sphere of Remote Guard.

With our A.I. technology, our machine learning cameras can spot any usual activity or person approaching an area. Once a trespasser breaches a secure zone, and/or displays unusual behavior, our A.I. technology alerts one of our highly trained agents to the scene where they use Voice Down live communication to directly engage with the suspect. In 93% of cases, the suspect will then flee. In the rare case the trespasser does not leave the property, our agents immediately deploy the local law enforcement who, to date, have apprehended 99% of suspects that failed to comply with our Voice Downs. Our clients have seen their previously unsolvable parking lot challenges solved for the first time thanks to Edgeworth Remote Guarding.

If criminals are still getting around your security guards and CCTV isn’t stopping crimes on your property, perhaps it’s time to reassess your parking lot’s security solution and see what Remote Guard can do for your property and the people who rely on you for their safety.

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