Our state of the art cameras, advanced analytics, digital line barriers, and access control systems work together to provide proactive security for your facility/property. When unusual activity is detected, our built-in artificial intelligence is able to differentiate between human, animal and environmental disruptions and immediately alerts our team to the potential threat, identifying what’s a true concern and what’s benign.

These robust analytics facilitate a rapid response from our agents who can see what is happening at your facility/property in real-time and take all the necessary steps to manage the incident, applying the appropriate pressure based on the threat level and communicating directly with you where appropriate.

Common Incident Alerts:

  • Suspicious Vehicle: Our alerts can even detect vehicles coming and going by your property and look for suspicious patterns.
  • Potential Break-in: If the alert is for a suspicious person breaking a digital barrier, our security agents will be able to see exactly what the intruder is doing and respond appropriately, involving the police immediately for serious threats.
  • Loitering: If an individual or group is lingering near your property, their activity is recorded and an alert is sent to our team so they can monitor their actions in real-time and respond if needed.
  • Dangerous animal: If there’s a potentially dangerous animal on your property, our agents will alert you so you can keep your family/pets safe.
  • Property Left Unsecured: If you forget to close your garage door or your pool gate, our smart technology will detect it, and our agents will let you know.

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