The City of Livermore takes their Security Systems Capabilities to the Next Level with an Edgeworth and Motorola Community Training Session

How to Harness all Capabilities of your Security System Investment

State of the art security systems have powerful technological capabilities and knowing how to best use those features to their full effect is critical in achieving the safest possible security outcomes. This is why Motorola/Avigilon partnered with Edgeworth Security to provide Livermore community stakeholders with an in-depth Dinner and Learn session of the full capabilities of the Livermore Avigilon security systems integration.

The City of Livermore, Livermore Police Department and Livermore Unified School District have invested heavily in having Edgeworth Security provide and install Avigilon security systems powered by advanced analytics, smart cameras and with built-in artificial intelligence, and access control throughout the community and district. These systems allow the city and schools to be proactive in keeping residents and students safe.

By ensuring all community stakeholders are both fully aware of the capabilities of their cutting edge security technology and know how to best utilize the built-in advanced features, Edgeworth Security empowers clients like Livermore to get the complete value out of their security systems investments and most importantly, access to a wider range of advanced tools for keeping the community at large even safer.

The training session was held at the Council Chambers in the City of Livermore, right in the midst of the city’s central campus. This central location allowed all community stakeholders to participate including Chief of Police Jeramy Young, members of the police forensics team and IT staff from Livermore USD.

Some of the topics and conversation covered during the training included:

  • Advanced Searching
    • How to quickly and comprehensively find footage anywhere in the community covered by the smart cameras
  • Fine-tuned Analytic Capabilities
    • How to use the analytics to reduce false alerts, improve settings for analytic driven alerts, coordinate camera views, and better capture concerning activity 
  • Video Forensics Techniques
    • How the Forensics team can better access the data they need to do their jobs in solving crimes
  • Questions and Answer Sessions
    • Allow all stakeholders to ask important questions and gain the knowledge they need tailored to their specific use of the security integration
  • Demos of Techniques and Systems
    • Specific demonstrations of the systems full capabilities including advanced techniques
  • Hands on training in the city’s Forensics room with technicians
    • A separate in-depth session with the technicians who use the camera views every day
  • Expert security improvement recommendations
    • A customized list of recommendations tailored to Livermore’s needs following feedback from the community stakeholders received during the training session

Proactive in Everything

At the core of Edgeworth’s security philosophy is proactivity. Everything Edgeworth does, is done with an eye towards being proactive. These kinds of client training sessions are just another way that Edgeworth proactively fortifies our client’s security posture. A client who is better informed in their security system’s capabilities is a client who is better poised to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Systems Training Sessions Strengthen Relationships:

With Local Police Department

With Livermore Unified School District

With Security System Manufactures 

With Community Leaders

An added benefit of coming together for these training sessions is the relationships that are cultivated when the local police department, the security camera manufacturer, community leaders and Edgeworth all come together in one room to work towards the common goal of keeping our communities safe.

Let Edgeworth bring your community together, schedule a systems training session with Danny Haddad

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