Cyber Intelligence Solutions from Edgeworth Offer Clients Revolutionary Protection

Edgeworth Security’s Cyber Operations Division leverages state of the art cyber intelligence solutions with our team’s cross-disciplined expertise in intelligence, counterintelligence, federal law enforcement, and cyber operations to provide security, situational awareness, and threat assessment analysis for a broad range of customers and clientele.

This revolutionary take on cyber intelligence provides persistent, comprehensive risk detection that has previously been out of reach on the commercial level.

Cyber intelligence provided by Edgeworth is a critical tool to those looking to preempt potential threats to business revenue, public perception, theft, and physical safety of people and property. By having proper awareness of one’s cyber presence, potential damages can be prevented.

Our suite of state of the art, proprietary cyber intelligence tools work in a persistent state of collection, monitoring online activity 24/7 (including the Deep and Dark Web) to identify, investigate, and report on a wide range of threat topics including physical, informational or monetary risks to clients, their reputation or their business. Identifying and infiltrating Open Source and Deep and Dark Web forums helps clients determine where potentially damaging activity is occurring as well as how proprietary information may have been compromised. Our ability to provide clients with situational awareness of their online presence as a result of detailed reporting gives clients the opportunity to respond to and mitigate the threat.

Cyber Intelligence Solutions include:

  • Brand Reputation Damage
  • Event Disruptions
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Physical Risks
  • Insider/Employee Threats
  • Financial Loss
  • IP Theft

Edgeworth Security has the technology, tools and expertise necessary to defend you and your business from a variety of threats, most of which can be subverted with the right information.

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