Mail theft is a common concern that plagues multi-family properties, not only negatively impacting residents but also providing a challenge for property owners tasked with keeping their residents safe and their properties crime-free.

Not only is mail theft a costly felony, it can also lead to identity theft as well. Especially for multi-family residences, communal mailboxes are hard to police as thefts happen very quickly when multiple residents’ mail are accessible in the same area. Mail thieves are adept at getting in and out quickly. Often working with lookout(s), they bide their time, striking when the mail area is free of residents and security personnel.

With 24/7 proactive security, Edgeworth’s Remote Guard uses A.I. technology and live agents to put an end to mail theft – helping multi-family property owners protect their tenant’s mail and identities before the felony occurs.

Edgeworth provides comprehensive, custom security for properties and their communal mail areas and any other high-risk areas. Using A.I. tech, our machine learning cameras can spot any usual activity or person approaching an area. Once a trespasser breaches a secure zone, and/or displays unusual behavior, our A.I. technology alerts one of our highly trained agents to the scene where they use Voice Down live communication to directly engage with the suspect. In 93% of cases, the suspect will then flee, leaving the mail or packages behind. In the rare case the trespasser does not, our agents immediately notify the local police who, to date, have apprehended 99% of suspects that failed to comply with our Voice Down. Our multi-family customers have seen their mail theft challenges solved for the first time thanks to Edgeworth Remote Guarding.

If mail thieves are still getting around your security guards and CCTV isn’t stopping felonies from happening, perhaps it’s time to reassess your multi-family residence’s security solution.

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