Remote Guarding by Edgeworth Security uses state of the art technology to virtually eliminate common security issues at apartment complexes and other multi-family properties. Remote Guarding solves these common security issues by combining artificial intelligence, high-definition cameras, digital line barriers, access control systems, and live monitoring by highly trained agents. Our customized deployment of Remote Guarding for apartment complexes addresses theft, break-ins, vandalism and trespassing. Through Voice Down Live Communication our agents are able to stop criminals in the moment, 24/7 - achieving a 100% success rate.

Six Common Issues Solved by Remote Guarding:

Remote Guarding blankets the entire property with smart technology that can distinguish between ordinary and suspicious activities. When unwanted activity is detected, our security agents quickly take hold of the situation by warning the intruder, forcing them to leave. On the rare occasion a trespasser doesn’t heed our agent’s warnings local law enforcement is quickly deployed. Our agents work in the moment with law enforcement, providing up to date intelligence on the criminal’s whereabouts, activity and appearance, facilitating the capture. To date, 100% of non-compliant suspects have been apprehended.

Remote Guarding Stops Theft

Vehicle and property theft are ongoing issues at many apartment complexes. Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding solves this threat by stopping theft before it happens. Potential thieves are forcefully called out and instructed to leave the premises, while law enforcement is contacted to locate and apprehend the criminal.

Remote Guarding Stops Break-Ins

Tenants expect to live in peaceful communities, free from security issues. When on-going break-ins occur, residents no longer feel safe. Our smart technology is constantly learning about each property, analyzing patterns and defining ordinary behavior. When a suspicious person is spotted by our system, our agents are immediately alerted and can stop them in their tracks. Remote Guarding puts an end to car, common area and residence break-ins.

Remote Guarding Stops Vandalism

Whether it’s graffiti, broken equipment, entry points damaged during attempted or successful break-ins, or other acts of vandalism, the cost of repairs to vandalized property adds up. There’s also the added psychological cost of tenants noticing and worrying about continuously vandalized property and potential criminals considering the property an easy target. Remote Guarding identifies potential vandals before they can cause damage. Our agents then virtually escort them from the premises or quickly involve law enforcement if instructions to leave aren’t followed.

Remote Guarding Stops Loitering/Trespassing

Loitering and trespassing are continuous problems for apartment complexes. When a suspicious person is lurking on premises, residents feel wary. Our agents use Voice Down Live Communication to force trespassers to leave the property immediately. Unwanted visitors stop showing up when they learn a property is being monitored from all angles, 24/7, resulting in a more peaceful, safer environment for residents.

Remote Guarding Stops Tailgating

Tailgating through entrances is another common problem for properties that have gated entries. When residents, workers or employees allow unauthorized/unknown individuals to enter behind them it introduces increased security risks to the community. Remote Guarding puts a stop to tailgating by enforcing entry procedures. Be reclaiming true access control, potential criminals are stopped from entering the community in the first place.

Remote Guarding Stops Frivolous Lawsuits

Lawsuits stemming from wrongful accusations are costly for property owners. Remote Guarding offers 24/7 video and audio surveillance that shows what really happened during an incident. If someone were to fake an injury on the property, owners would have all the evidence they need to successfully fight the claim.

Physical Security Guards versus Remote Guarding

Many multi-family properties employee night time or around the clock onsite security guards. Onsite guards are not able to simultaneously monitor or patrol an entire property. They are also prone to human error, distraction, complacency or even negligence. Remote Guarding’s combination of smart technology plus highly trained agents removes the risks and shortcomings that come with onsite guards. Remote Guarding solves the security concerns facing apartment complexes and does so at a much lower cost over traditional security measures.

With Edgeworth Security’s Remote Guarding, apartment complex owners can experience peace of mind that their property and residents are protected and that their security issues will be solved.