How Can Construction Sites Protect Themselves Against Theft?

Security has always been a pain point for all construction sites, but a recent surge in material thefts, trespassing, and vandalism has made the landscape of construction security even more challenging. The cost of materials in particular has risen extensively, which makes stealing materials such as copper, lumber, and heavy machinery from unprotected construction sites more attractive to thieves. Cities all over the country are reporting a sharp increase in construction site theft, including one incident in Southern Florida where $30,000 was stolen in a single night from an apartment construction site. 

Considering this uptick in construction site crime, combined with a constantly changing (and often isolated) work site, where should construction site managers turn to solve the unique security concerns of the construction industry? The answer is smart-technology powered security solutions brought to the job site by Edgeworth Security.

Edgeworth has the experience and the industry knowledge that will match up perfectly with the exact security needs and wants of construction companies and their clients. Our comprehensive state of the art security solution, Remote Guarding, is highly effective at guarding construction sites against trespassers, theft, and liability issues. Trained security operators, safely located in remote locations, immediately leap to action once an unsafe or unwanted activity has been identified by our advanced AI cameras. From there, the agents can direct the event to its best possible conclusion.

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